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Topic for #mwikiawards is ``"An Excellent Meeting" - Chef Excellence, 2015 || Awards are canceled, I have a hair appointment the day of the ceremony and I can't miss it, soz || 1st meeting hype || Links || Number of meetings survived: 8''
Topic for #mwikiawards was set by Tailmon on zondag 24 april 2016 4:07:49
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<Tailmon>the meeting was yesterday
everyone is fired
<Gabumon>"everyone" is a variable here, with the value of "Smasher"
<Chiaki_Nanami>String everyone = "Smasher";
<Toadbert>can i be fired too
<Tailmon>i'm sorry i'm immune from being fired for reasons i don't want to tell you
<Gabumon>Ok, its time and stuff
Welcome to the first awards committee meeting
<Rick_Sanchez>it's actually the £th
<Freakworld>what were the previous meetings for, then?
<Gabumon>unfortunately, anton cant be here because he broke his saucer and is stranded on pizza planet
<Lucina>great star gabumon
<Tailmon>what other meetings?
<Gabumon>the agenda today will be pretty much
<Tailmon>you must have been dreaming
<Lucina>i need pizza
<Gabumon>finish up U7
and continue the full review
let's dive right into that then
<Freakworld>i need pizza as well
<Lucina>anton should get us all pizza
<Freakworld>somebody hack pizza through the network
<Gabumon>we've been discussing U7 and what to do with it, and we've concluded to make it a "Favorite Community LPer" award
<Toadbert>was there any other reasonable ideas
<Gabumon>and gathering nominees for that
<Toadbert>lper seemed liek the only one
<_2257>the only other decent one was to just retain favorite community event imo
Lucina is now known as NSY
<_2257>i like this better, though
<Gabumon>None that really bore any fruit
<_2257>(but all the other alternatives were really awful things like "favorite fad")
<DragonFreak>there's 9 candidates and that's actually better than what i thought it was originally going to be
<Tailmon>we could have done favor smasher
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<Chiaki_Nanami>I'm completely in favour of the new U7 and scrapping the old U7, by the way.
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<DragonFreak>i still think favorite smasher would have been a good idea but oh well
<Anton{Politoed}>At work so I'm effectively useless but hi
<DragonFreak>maybe next year
<Chiaki_Nanami>But I've stated this numerous amount of times, so that comment is slightly redundant.
<Gamefreak75>im here now
but i might have to leave for a bit in a few minutes
<Nabber>so as usual my parents would like me to play games with them and i am powerless to tell them im busy, so i'll be back later
<Gabumon>turb has compiled a list of nominees for us
<Tailmon>good luck
<DragonFreak>good lluck
with links
<Toadbert>"too lazy to find the others"
<Gabumon>and df has a couple more links
<Toadbert>i couldnt have found this list
<turb>oh yeah
i guess there's also
<DragonFreak>i posted those links right?
<turb>in place of v&df lps
or in addition to it
<DragonFreak>i think replace it will be better since
it didn't really go too far
<Gabumon>We can probably link the individual works of those people on the dossier
<Chiaki_Nanami>I like the proposed nominees.
<Gabumon>but the list we have is:

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<Gabumon>are there any last minute additions that anyone would like to bring forth
<Uniju>looks good to me
<Perch>i have none to add
<Tailmon>i can't think of anyone
<DragonFreak>i think that's it
<Chiaki_Nanami>I have no objections to the proposed list of nominees.
<NSY>that sounds good
<Toadbert>only thing i can think of not on there is me and tfp but
those were obscure things that no one will remember by now
<turb>did you do lps
<NSY>banned users are banned from inclusion am i correct?
<Toadbert>we streamed mk64 once
<Uniju>they did smw in 2008
<turb>well i mean
<NSY>okay that rules out ftg
<Freakworld>tfp and tb played tat one smw hack i think
yeah ftg was v8
<turb>the only real precedence i can think of for including you is like
<Toadbert>which hack did we play
oh wait
tfp streamed that didnt he
<turb>the fact that vommack hasn't done an lp in ages
<Tailmon>coulda had a v8
<Rick_Sanchez>im fine with the nominees
<turb>you guys could maybe make it in for the same reason
but i dunno
<Toadbert>well still we did it once and then that was it for
<turb>do you have any vods
or forum topics
<Freakworld>super mario chaos complexx
<turb>also having you as like a dual nominee would be awkward
<Gabumon>is there any way to access this lp
<Toadbert>oh that thing on youtube
<Freakworld>yeah that
<Toadbert>i guess that counts but
<Freakworld>i remember that
<Toadbert>its hella old and we never think about it anymore
<turb> also having you as like a dual nominee would be awkward
everything about our dualship in the awards is awkward
<Freakworld>it was kinda funny but eh idk its up to you i guess
<turb>i mean we could split you in to two i guess
<Rick_Sanchez><turb> also having you as like a dual nominee would be awkward
<turb>but it's up to everyone else i guess
<Rick_Sanchez>not really
<Chiaki_Nanami>Okay so, hang on.
Hang on for a moment.
<Rick_Sanchez>we already have dual nominees in favorite presentation anyway
<turb>also if we can't access the lp in any way it's a moot point anyway
<Gabumon>if it was a jointventure lp, then I think they should be nominated together
<turb>yeah i guess
<Chiaki_Nanami>Let's look back to how the award is phrased.
<Toadbert>theres no playlist but you can see the videos here
i dunno
it was 6 years ago
<Chiaki_Nanami>'Favorite Community LPer'
<Toadbert>we were shitty kids then
<turb>is the mk64 lp accessible
<Chiaki_Nanami>The one specific part I want to focus on is 'LPer'.
<Toadbert>tfp said he had the stream but
<Chiaki_Nanami>When two users make an LP together, that means there are two LPers in a group.
<Gabumon>ok, then let me ask you the official question:
Do you want to be nominated for this project?
<Toadbert>nah i dont think so
<Chiaki_Nanami>Judging both members of a group separately will not be inconsistent.
<Toadbert>the two things we have that are possibly nominateable happened within 6 years
<Gabumon>then that pretty much clears it up
<Rick_Sanchez>that's true dave, but having them separated and giving the voter the same let's play to judg-ok that got cleared up nvm
<Gabumon>so I guess these 9 nominees are what we are going with
there were no objections, so I'm going to mark this down as accepted then
<Rick_Sanchez>that's actually more than i expected lol
<Chiaki_Nanami>Bones: even if that would be the case, different people generate different kind of jokes that play to different pallets of humour.
tb said himself he doesnt want to be nominated
'even if that /would/ be the case'
<Toadbert>yeah those videos should be buried lol
<Gabumon>the question is moot
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<DragonFreak>marowak i literally just said that lol
<Freakworld>i think pi wants to clear this up for future reference
<Chiaki_Nanami>FW gets it.
<Freakworld>or just for the lols idk
<Rick_Sanchez>dave we can continue this conversation elsewhere if you want but for now i think it's futile here
<Meta_Knight>What are we clearing up?
<Gabumon>Marowak gets it.
<Freakworld>confusio n
with this, U7 is finalized
<Chiaki_Nanami>The only reason I was bringing it up was for next year's debates so this log can be referenced in the future, if a similar situation arises, and the award is not scrapped.
<Gabumon>and we can move on to the continuation of the full review
last meeting, we stopped at M3: Favorite Mario Platformer
Favorite Mario Platformer (Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros 2, New Super Mario Bros U/New Super Luigi U, Super Mario 3D World)
are there any mistakes, typos, or other things that should be pointed out?
<turb>some of the nsmb games should have an . added after bros
<Chiaki_Nanami>'New Super Mario Bros Wii' -> 'New Super Mario Bros. Wii'
<Freakworld>why exactly is the order of the nominees like this
<turb>it's just the order we added them in
<Freakworld>just curious
<turb>they're randomized on the polls anyway
<Chiaki_Nanami>'New Super Mario Bros 2, New Super Mario Bros U' -> 'New Super Mario Bros. 2, New Super Mario Bros. U'
<Gabumon>dots are added
<Chiaki_Nanami>'New Super Luigi U' is spelt correctly.
<Tailmon>with the dots i think this is fin
<Freakworld>New Super Luigi. U
then we can move on
Favorite Mario Kart Course (Bowser Castle (64), Rainbow Road (MK7), Wario Colosseum, Waluigi Pinball, Airship Fortress, Mushroom Gorge, Coconut Mall, Maple Treeway, Electrodrome, Rainbow Road (N64), Mount Wario, Mute City, Animal Crossing, Baby Park, Big Blue)
<Chiaki_Nanami>Hang on, checking a couple of things.
<Lakituthequick>"Bowser's Castle (N64)"
<Freakworld>[s]why is baby park on this list
<Chiaki_Nanami>Yes, Ltq, that was what I was checking.
<Tailmon>because people like it
for some reason
<Gabumon>to be honest, we should probably write out the game titles in the brackets
<turb>i'd be fine with that change
<Freakworld>literally all other tracks on this award are 9/10 or 10/10 tracks though
<NSY>per edo
<Freakworld>also y
<_2257>isnt baby park different in the wii u version
<Chiaki_Nanami>Baby Park is widely different in the three games it is featured in.
<_2257>upside down or something
<NSY>it used anti gravity
<Gabumon>which one are we going with then
<Freakworld>yeah its better but its still baby park
<Chiaki_Nanami>No, it is slightly slanted and the entire racecourse obeys anti-gravity rules.
<NSY>also the ds version had only 5 laps
<Lakituthequick>it's barely a functional difference across the games though
<Freakworld>i think the way they were added in implies the mk8 version is meant#
<Chiaki_Nanami>The reason it is different in Double Dash!! is because of Special Items.
<Lakituthequick>mostly visually
<Tailmon>i think the original is the one we intended
<turb>i recall we were intending to add the original
<Freakworld>[02:22] Freakworld i think the way they were added in implies the mk8 version is meant
<turb>but we can find the logs
<Freakworld>the order
<turb>yeah, i know
<Freakworld>T H E O R D E R
<Gabumon>which games had baby park, apart from double dash
<Chiaki_Nanami>Airship Fortress, Mushroom Gorge, Coconut Mall, Maple Treeway, and Rainbow Road (N64) are all featured in more than one game.
<_2257>wasnt it mk8, ds, mk7
<turb>it came from the writeins actually
<Chiaki_Nanami>DS and 8.
<turb>so i guess the mk8 thing had nothing to do with it
<_2257>i feel like its just
in every game
<turb>it was in ds and 8 yeah
<Freakworld>dd, ds, 8
as dlc
<Chiaki_Nanami>DD (regularly), DS (regularly), 8 (DLC Pack 2)
<Gabumon>ok so
here is my take on it:
the nominees that have qualifiers in brackets
are bowsers castle and rainbow road
<Chiaki_Nanami>Wait, Waluigi Pinball was also featured in two games.
<NSY>it was in mk7
<Gabumon>bowsers castle and rainbow road are not individual tracks
they are categories
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<Gabumon>courses who have these two names are vastly different
in layout, mechanics, and pretty much everything but theme
so they need the qualifiers
the iterations of baby park are slightly different from each other, but still largely function the same way and have the same layout
so my conclusion is they do not need the qualifier
<Chiaki_Nanami>I've played all three versions of it and each version is certainly different from the other.
*the others
<turb>i don't really feel like they're that different honestly
at least not DD and DS
<Rick_Sanchez>can you elaborate
<Gabumon>but is it as different as the different versions of rainbow road?
<NSY>the differences are minor at most
<_2257>werent they?
<DragonFreak>per turb
<Toadbert>i dont recall baby park being any different whatsoever in dd to ds
<_2257>i thought in ds they dropped the
<Chiaki_Nanami>DD: Special Items
<turb>it had less laps
<Lakituthequick>that difference is mostly aesthetic so
<_2257>barriers that shells can pass over
<turb>and no special items
<Chiaki_Nanami>DS: Fewer laps
<NSY>special items seriously?
<turb>but im fairly sure that for the most part like
<Chiaki_Nanami>8: Anti-gravity
<Freakworld>mk8: hell
<Perch>i don't think special items would really qualify as a change
<turb>most people aren't going to
<Gamefreak75>its not different layout wise
<turb>consider them that different
<NSY>how does that change a course
<turb>when voting for it on the poll
<Gamefreak75>which is what is most important
<turb>like, i can't think of anyone who's going to shit their pants because they loved the DD version but not the MK8 version
<Chiaki_Nanami>NSY: it changes things for Baby Park specifically due to its small size.
<NSY>might as well include that on every double dash course that has been retroed
<_2257>i havent played mkds in like 800 years though, i cant remember
<Freakworld>like, hell, imo we could also be consistent and always add the newest version supplied of a track
if people really care about the difference
<NSY>still pi that stretches it
<Freakworld>which would move the mkwii tracks to mk7
<Rick_Sanchez>is this anti gravity thing JUST in baby park or a game mechanic thqat's in every track of mk wii u
<Lakituthequick>i know i dont
<_2257>i guess they can just put baby park (mk8) as a write in
<Freakworld>since they were all in that
<turb>it's in most tracks bones
<NSY>not every special item in double dash is big anyway
<turb>also, per 22
<Tailmon>i do not feel the differences are major enough to warrant a qualifier or whatever
<Gabumon>lets just put it to vote
<Rick_Sanchez>then i honestly don't think it's a major change, at least relative to the track itself
<Tailmon>besides on bowser's castles and rainbow roads, which are different tracks completely
<NSY>im with edo here and say we have dont have any qualifier on baby park
<Tailmon>also heads up: i might have to leave early, we may end up losing power
<Gabumon>Are the differences between versions of Baby Park major enough that it needs the game qualifier? (Y/N/A)
<Chiaki_Nanami>tfw outvoted
<Uniju>why did we talk about that so long with 0 ys
eat it
<_2257>i was gonna vote y
DragonFreak eats it
<_2257>then i changed my mind
because people can just use the write in box
<Gabumon>ok, baby park remains without a qualifier
<Freakworld>tbh im more inclined to y this but one part of me feels like
in the end, nobody will care
<turb>if people care
then god gave us the writein box for a reason
<Gabumon>I agree with turb
<Toadbert>its more than that
<Gabumon>god was very generous
<Toadbert>god gave us baby park
its up to us to interpret
<Freakworld>thanks poochy
<Gabumon>are there any other things about M4?
<Chiaki_Nanami>I would still propose Rainbow Road (N64) get an identifier because the racing experience in MK64 and MK8 are /totally different/.
<Gabumon>Rainbow Road has an identifier
<Freakworld>rainbow road (n64) is alreadly i plying its the mk8 version
<NSY>yes i got the entire population to vote
<Chiaki_Nanami>Rainbow Road (N64) is in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart 8.
<NSY>the one vote on the left is yours pi
<Gabumon>what the fuck nintendo
<Freakworld>no po
<Toadbert>rainbow road (n64 (64))
<Freakworld>else itd just be rainbow road
<_2257>we can just call it
<_2257>rainbow road (mk64)
thats unambiguous, right
<Nabber>im back from playing
i lost
it was tragic
<Freakworld>rainbow road (64) (the long version)
<Nabber>what are we up to
<Rick_Sanchez>per 22
<DragonFreak>rainbow road (mk64 (mk64))
<turb>im not really sure when this got added to the award
i feel like we meant to put on the n64 version in particular, but im not sure
<Chiaki_Nanami>The Mario Kart 64 version has rails and is long and boring to race on, but the Mario Kart 8 version of the racecourse only has one lap, incorporates multiple boosts and has almost no railing to protect you from going out of bounds.
<Lakituthequick>last year or the year before i think
<turb>also 22's would be fine
<Rick_Sanchez>it was a thing last year
<turb>should i find the logs for it
<NSY>wherever on not to add indentifers
<Rick_Sanchez>and not an addition this year i think
but im not sure when mk8 came out
<Freakworld>rainbow road (N64) (MK8)
<Gabumon>lets just
<Chiaki_Nanami>MK8 came out in 2014.
<Freakworld>to clarify?
<Gabumon>do what 2257 said and let voters draw their own conclusion
[02:34] _2257 rainbow road (mk64)
<Rick_Sanchez>yes let's
<turb>sounds good to me
<Freakworld>or that
<turb>if people write in like "the MK8 version of n64 rainbow road
<_2257>i know this is stupid for me of all people to say, but are you sure tahts a good idea
<turb>" then we can count that
i guess
<_2257>it kind of sounds like the mk8 version is more exciting
<Freakworld>it is
<_2257>i hated n64 n64 rainbow road
<Lakituthequick>it is
<Chiaki_Nanami>It is.
<Freakworld>a lot more exiting
<turb>the mk8 version is definitely better i think
<Chiaki_Nanami>It is way more exciting.
<Tailmon>i didn't like the mk8 version
<NSY>the mario kart 8 version is much much better
<Chiaki_Nanami>Why, because it only had the one lap?
<turb>but i don't really care whether we put that on here or leave it up to voters to think with the big writein box
<Tailmon>partly because i hate n64 rainbow road in general
<Gabumon>is there anything else
<Lakituthequick>n64 rr is 10 minutes of nothing but some color
<NSY>not saying the n64 version was bad
<Freakworld>the mk8 version is the good one, remember smasher?
<Lakituthequick>wii u actually has things happening during less time
<Freakworld>also daily reminder that the oc rr in mk8 sucks
<turb>i think this whole debacle about rainbow road is the only concern left
<Tailmon>a better version of a bad track is still a bad track
<turb>for M4
<Freakworld>no lol
<_2257>well we already nominated it
<turb>none of the other courses differ highly in content
<_2257>clearly somone thought it wasnt a bad track
<turb>between remakes
<NSY>worst rainbow road in mk8 is snes rainbow road
<Gabumon>let me call a vote so we can get anywhere
<Freakworld>ribbon road in mk8 is one of my favorite tracks in the game and it used to be abysmal
<Tailmon>yeah it's actually a pretty popular track for whatever reason
<Freakworld>as per mksc standards
<Lakituthequick>it beat two courses with just wrtiins
<Gamefreak75>i think this may be a case where its better to name the system than the game
for parentheses
itll make this process easier
<Gabumon>Which version of N64 Rainbow Road is more deserving of the nomination? (MK64/MK8/both/a)
<Freakworld>also best version of n64 rainbow road is in f zero x tbh
<Gamefreak75>well i guess if we're goig to do it this way
<Lakituthequick>but what will the identifier be
<Lakituthequick>N64 Rainbow Road (MK8)
<NSY>whichever gets the most votes ltq
<Gabumon>what's the official track name?
<turb>N64 Rainbow Road (MK8)
<Freakworld>rainbow road (N64) (MK8)
<_2257>awhat's it called in the game
<Freakworld>or that
<Chiaki_Nanami>turb and ltq are correct
<turb>it's called N64 rainbow road in-game in mk8 im fairly sure
<NSY>also what turb said
<Rick_Sanchez>uh guys
<_2257>oh good
<NSY>sorry misread
<Lakituthequick>I'ts called Rainbow Road
<_2257>if it ended up being what freakworld said i was gonna be sad
that looks moronic
<Lakituthequick>with N64 small printed above
<Freakworld>its not i think
<Gabumon>then it will be N64 Rainbow Road (MK8)
<Rick_Sanchez>i'd like to point something out
<_2257>(sorry freakworld)
<Rick_Sanchez>i just checked awards 2013
<Freakworld>but we used the identifiers everywhere else didnt we
like that i mean
<Rick_Sanchez>the track that won was Rainbow Road MK7
<Rick_Sanchez>my guess is
<Rick_Sanchez>this year's nominee probably refers to the mk8 course
<NSY>mk7 rainbow road is the best one tbh
<Freakworld>tbh i have to agree
what do you mean by this year's nominee
<Gabumon>[02:40] Gabumon then it will be N64 Rainbow Road (MK8)
is this acceptable?
<Freakworld>snes rainbow road is great as well though imo, especially the mk7 version
<Rick_Sanchez>this year or last year's i dunno
<turb>that's good edo
<Rick_Sanchez>what i mean to say
<Uniju>looks fine
<_2257>regarding the identifiers, i think this is the first time we're specifically nominating a retro track
<Rick_Sanchez>it's VERY unlikely the n64 version was in mind
so uh
<_2257>rather than the "nitro" track it was based on
<Lakituthequick>it is
<Rick_Sanchez>let's go with mk8 i agree with that
<turb>well i mean
i dont really know if
the mk7 version has any bearing on this
<Freakworld>a question
<_2257>thats why all the others use parentheses
<turb>like, that's a completely different track
<Nabber>we could possibly label it as a nitro track
<Gabumon>lets move on and never speak of M4 again
<Rick_Sanchez>not directly
<turb>what we're talking about is the version of N64 rainbow road featured in MK8
<Lakituthequick>one more thing
<turb>and ok
<Gabumon>M5: Favorite DK Game (Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong Country 3, Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong Country Returns/Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Donkey Kong (Arcade), Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Donkey Kong ‘94 (Game Boy))
<turb>im fine with that
oh no guys god
<Freakworld>are we renaming bowser's castle (64) to N64 Bowser's Castle o-
<Rick_Sanchez>Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
<Lakituthequick>Bowser's Castle (N64)
<_2257>no freakworld
<Lakituthequick>with 's
<Rick_Sanchez>Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
<_2257>because the nominee is not the retro track in mkds or whatever
<Lakituthequick>thats all
<Freakworld>just asking
<_2257>its the regular track in mk64
<Freakworld>mkwii, and okay
<turb>anyway i think the only issues here are adding the subtitles that bones mentioned
<Tailmon>this one should be find with the full title changes
<DragonFreak>i approve of the subtitles because kongquest is a great pun
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<Freakworld>i should post the sheet with the naming ideas for that game again because its topkek but i think i recently did that
subtitles added
<Freakworld>"Diddy and Female with Hair"
<Tailmon>Diddy's Game Name Searc
<Gabumon>M6: Favorite Wario Game (Wario Land, Wario Land 3, Wario Land 4, Mega Party Game$!, Twisted, Touched, Smooth Moves, Master of Disguise, Shake It!, D.I.Y., Wario World, Game & Wario, Wario Land 2)
<Rick_Sanchez>ok first of all
where the hell is the first warioware game in that list????
<Gabumon>Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
<_2257>do these also have subtitles or is that just in japanese
<NSY>should we replace mega party games with the original?
<Freakworld>>>>warioware edo
<Rick_Sanchez>second of all
<NSY>they are essentially the same game
<Rick_Sanchez>WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!
<Freakworld>im completely brain afk today
<Chiaki_Nanami>Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land
<NSY>so why are we using the remake
<Tailmon>half of these need more titles lol
<Freakworld>also yeah it is pi
<Rick_Sanchez>WarioWare: D.I.Y.
<Tailmon>the remake added more to it i think
<Rick_Sanchez>WarioWare: Twisted!
WarioWare: Touched!
<Tailmon>i've never personally played the remake but maybe we could like
<Freakworld>yeah but isnt the gba version what everyone played
<Tailmon>make it both>?
<Freakworld>and not the
gcn version
<NSY>tailmon the remake was just a party version
<Tailmon>as in change it to
<NSY>didnt have any the story
<Gabumon>the wario land is first
<Rick_Sanchez>WarioWare: Smooth Moves
it should be Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
<Lakituthequick>WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!
<Rick_Sanchez>Wario: Master of Disguise
<NSY>Wario Land: Shake It
<Tailmon>WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$!/WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$!
god that's long
<Rick_Sanchez>yes smasher let's do that i agree
<Freakworld>Daily Reminder that that is called Wario Land: The Shake Dimension over here
<Lakituthequick>those are different games
<Lakituthequick>gba/gcn respectively
<Tailmon>i don't have any knowledge of the gamecube remake so i have no idea if this is a good idea
<Rick_Sanchez>like i dunno
<Lakituthequick>is it a remake
<turb>im pretty sure its like identical besidses multiplayer
<Freakworld>idk either
<Rick_Sanchez>the gba one should at least be mentionned somehow
<Tailmon>it is
<Freakworld>ive only played the original original
<turb>we need to make sure of it probably
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<Tailmon>has anyone here ever played the gcn one ever
<Freakworld>not me
<Chiaki_Nanami>not me
<Rick_Sanchez>the gamecube version has multiplayer mode
and like
<Toadbert>i played it once
<Lakituthequick>WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Game$! [..] is a game for the Nintendo GameCube [..]. It reuses all the microgames from the original game WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, but Mega Party Game$! focuses on multiplayer in particular.
<Freakworld>the only gcn wario game i want to play is wario world
<Toadbert>i dont remember much of it
i think jimmy had a sports theme or something
<Gabumon>Favorite Wario Game (Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario Land 3, Wario Land 4, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!, WarioWare: Twisted, WarioWare: Touched, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Wario: Master of Disguise, Wario Land: Shake It, WarioWare: D.I.Y., Wario World, Game & Wario, Wario Land 2)
<Rick_Sanchez>it had different modes or whatever
<NSY>its just a sister game to the original
SonicMario (Mibbit@173.6.ynt.jzl) has joined #mwikiawards
<Tailmon>ok so if it just includes every game in the original
<NSY>why we include over the original ill never know
<Tailmon>it's probably safe to make the nominee both
<Lakituthequick>with !
<Rick_Sanchez>you won't find "Johny's Survival Fever" in the gba one
<Lakituthequick>Touched! the same
Mode #mwikiawards +o SonicMario by ChanServ
<Rick_Sanchez>it uses the same microgames, but it's still a mode that's unique to the gcn version
<Freakworld>also uh
<Gabumon>guys, we're really not debating which nominees to add/remove right now, only how they will be referred to on the polls
<Tailmon>if there's enough differences we can always add the original by itself
<Freakworld>were leaving out warioware snapped right
you know
the dsi ware thing
<Nabber>did anyone like snapped though
<NSY>did anyone even play that one
<Nabber>did it get write-ins
<_2257>i played it
<Tailmon>i don't think we'd even consider adding snapped
<_2257>it was mediocre
<Gabumon>ok, so
<Freakworld>i thought about getting it once but didnt
<Gabumon>I assume the titles are ok now
<Tailmon>yeah the titles are ok
<Lakituthequick>just the exclamation marks
<Tailmon>besides the !'s
its just the gba/gcn discussion
<Gabumon>!s are added
M7: Favorite Yoshi Game (Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi’s Island DS, Tetris Attack, Yoshi’s Story, Yoshi Touch & Go, Yoshi’s Cookie, Yoshi, Yoshi Topsy-Turvy, Yoshi’s New Island, Yoshi’s Woolly World)
<Chiaki_Nanami>Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
<Tailmon>ok then
<turb>i dont think the gba/gcn thing is that much of an issue honestly
<Lakituthequick>WL: Shake It!
<DragonFreak>might as well do super mario world 2: yoshi's island
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<Lakituthequick>Wario Land 2 = II
that be it i think
<Freakworld>the dsi shop description for ww snapped is great
<turb>is wl3 not wario land iii
<Freakworld>Wario™ returns with more manic action made especially for the Nintendo DSi system!
<_2257>apparently its not
<_2257>i just looked that up
<turb>anyway i think M7 is alright now
<Perch>should we acknowledge advance in YI somehow
<Freakworld>Wario Land 3 is '3' can confirm
<DragonFreak>oh pi already daid it
<Perch>like, show that it covers both
<DragonFreak>how did i miss it
<Freakworld>2 is referred to as II in the title
<NSY>suggesting that we could add indicators on yoshi
<_2257>i feel like people can guess that
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Mode #mwikiawards +o Rick_Sanchez by ChanServ
<NSY>the nes puzzle game
<Perch>it adds six new levels and everything
<_2257>if not, they'll write it in and we'll count them together
<Gabumon>I concur with 2257
<turb>per 22 and edo
M8: Favorite Art Style (Retro Style sprites, Yoshi’s Island style, Donkey Kong Country style, Main series 3D style, Paper Mario style, Mario & Luigi style, Yoshi’s Story style, Yoshi’s Woolly World style, Wario Land: Shake It! style, Super Mario RPG style, Super Mario Strikers style)
<Toadbert>i think it should be Retro style sprites
unless there is some specific brand of "retro"
<NSY>do we need the word "style" added at the end of each nominee
<_2257>what do we mean by retro, anyway
<Toadbert>yeah thats a good point actually
this award refers to this
<DragonFreak>probably before sm64
<Lakituthequick>Does the type of apostrophe matter in "Yoshi's"
<_2257>just anything that's got an intentionally old fashioned appearance?
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<DragonFreak>at least that's what i would consider it
<_2257>i doubt it ltq
im sure polldaddy can handle both
<Tailmon>would warioware make sense for this
<Lakituthequick>for copy paste it does
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<Lakituthequick>the wiki has them as '
doesnt correct them
<_2257>thats because curly quotes fuck up on the wiki
<turb>i dont really know if warioware is different enough
<_2257>but theres no reason that would happen on polldaddy
<turb>but i figure if people want it on then we have room
<Tailmon>i wasn't really sure either that was just something i thought of before
<Freakworld>okay the style at the end of each nominee really looks awkward
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<Gabumon>what could we use instead of retro style sprites
if its confusing
<Freakworld>what is that referring to again
<_2257>idk because im still not sure what it means
<Toadbert>everyone would understand 8-bit
<Freakworld>it could be something like 8-bit sprites
<Toadbert>but nnnnnnnnnnn
<_2257>is it things taht were limited by the technology
<Toadbert>thats kinda cliche and wrong most of the time
<Gabumon>but it includes 16 bit too
<_2257>or things that are intentionally aping them
<_2257>super mario maker
why are we including smw with the 8 bit sprites
<Gabumon>read the post
<_2257>which has a lot of new graphics that intentionally look nes or snes-ish
<Freakworld>i did
<Gabumon>this has all already been discussed once
<Freakworld>its too long ago tho
<_2257>ok so not super mario maker then
<Freakworld>i cant remember if it was opposed to this before
<_2257>idk, is "main series 2d" confusing?
it matches the other generic one
<Gabumon>I think it should contain the word sprites
<turb>the only real deviation from "main series" is donkey kong i guess
<Uniju>it sounds fine but retro style sprites sounded fine to me too vOv
<turb>i'm fine with either title
<Toadbert>i think retro is fine
<turb>i feel like they convey the point well enough
<Toadbert>it took me a moment to remember what it was at first
<Lakituthequick>main series 2d might refer to the 2.5d games a bit
<Toadbert>like the capitalization made me think retro studios
<Freakworld>retro style sprites sounds okay considering the fact that the classification makes no sense to me
<Gabumon>lets keep what we originally agreed to then
<Tailmon>personally i thought retro was fine
<Lakituthequick>it is really
<Gabumon>M9: Most anticipated Upcoming Game is still on hold until E3 happened
so we are skipping that for now
<Perch>it's looking unlikely this year, anyway
<Rick_Sanchez>Paper Mario: Toilet Paper Trouble
<turb>we also have the dlc back up award
so no issue there
<_2257>paper mario: toilet splash has already been announced
<Gabumon>M10: Favorite Partner Developer (AlphaDream, Intelligent Systems, HAL Laboratory, Hudson Soft, Camelot Software Planning, Next Level Games, Namco Bandai Games, Good-Feel, Square-Enix, SEGA, Retro Studios, Rare Ltd.)
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<NSY>it chances of happening is like 1% after this years news
<Freakworld>my expectations for nintendo e3 are literally
"nintendo is going to be BTFO"
<Lakituthequick>"Bandai Namco Entertainment"
<turb>is that the name of the developer in particular
<Tailmon>goodbye nintendo
<Nabber>didn't we eliminate this one? or was that just internal development team?
<turb>i was under the impression we went with namco bandai games because that was their name
<NSY>nx is the new dreamcast
<Lakituthequick>"Square Enix"
<Gabumon>I faintly remember eliminating this as well, but it is on the list
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<Tailmon>we didn't get rid of it?
<Freakworld>it isnt officially Square-Enix?
<NSY>ltq spuare made smrpg, mario hoops and mario sports mix
<turb>pretty sure we went with nuking internal dev team
<Perch>mario and sonic
<turb>because that was a suggested award
i can't really remember what we did with this
let me see
<Tailmon>there were people that didn't like this award, but no one actually made a move to get rid of it
<Nabber>personally i don't really feel very strongly about favorite partner developer, but it's better at least than interal dev team
<Freakworld>its actually officially Square Enix
<Lakituthequick>we added Rare in ther first meeting
<turb><Anton{Politoed}> I'd rather not remove this award
7:20:31 PM
what's the reason
<Tailmon>and we don't really have a backup since e3's probably not happening
<turb>and then we didnt nuke it
and yeah
<turb>the dlc award is for M8
i think this award is good besides ltq's title corrections
<Tailmon>me too
<Gabumon>M11: Favorite Major Character (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Rosalina, Bowser Jr., Toad)
I see nothing wrong
<Nabber>seems fine
<NSY>Princess Peach
<Nabber>i think Peach is just fine
we're not calling him King Bowser or Princess Rosalina
<Rick_Sanchez>princess is just her title
<Lakituthequick>it is, but were going official names everywhere else too so
<Gabumon>well I added the princess anyway because it doesnt hurt
princess is kind of more than just a generic title for her
she is kind of
THE princess
<_2257>rosalina isnt a princess anyway, shes a god
<Tailmon>i felt peach was just fine but i guess it doesn't hurt
<Gabumon>and often addressed as Princess Peach
<Rick_Sanchez>yeah well bowser's a king >:(
<Gabumon>whereas bowser is mostly just called Bowser
<Meta_Knight>I agree with Edo
<NSY>she is often officially referred to as princess peach by nintnedo
<Tailmon>fair enough
<Freakworld>rosalina is everything nintendo pushes her to be
Rick_Sanchez sues everyone
<Chiaki_Nanami>the Wiki page for Peach is 'Princess Peach'
<Gabumon>M12: Favorite Supporting Character (Daisy, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Diddy Kong, E. Gadd, Toadette, Captain Toad, Birdo, Kamek, Poochy)
<NSY>once again Princess Daisy
otherwise this is fine
<_2257>if we're doing that, we might as well have professor egadd too
<Meta_Knight>Do we want Professor E. Gadd
<NSY>per 22 as well
<Tailmon>isn't e. gadd als--yeah that
<NSY>about to say that myself
<Tailmon>no one else really has a title
<Chiaki_Nanami>should we go all the way
<Lakituthequick>Professor Elvin Gadd
<Gabumon>yes to the prof
<Freakworld>when did we add poochy
<Chiaki_Nanami>Professor Elvin Gadd
<Tailmon>this year
<Chiaki_Nanami>fw: this year
<_2257>i feel like e. gadd is more
<turb>how often is he referred to elvin gadd
<Freakworld>i dont remember any of these decisions ever happened
<Toadbert>hardly ever
<Rick_Sanchez>the logic is to call the characters how they're usually referred to in-game
<turb>e. gadd is how i see it spelled in like almost all official material
<Freakworld>its like my memory stops working after 2 am
<_2257>for the same reason we're going with bowser over king bowser
<turb>yeah, per 22
<_2257>its waht hes usually called
<Toadbert>i think he was named elvin maybe once
<Freakworld>tbh that really the case
<Nabber>i don't really know if poochy deserves to be in there
<Rick_Sanchez>Professor E. Gadd is how he's referred to most of the time
<Lakituthequick>he does
<Nabber>he doesn't really feel like a side character
more like a cameo
_2257 throws nabber out
<turb>nabber we already discussed this at length in the previous meetings
<Rick_Sanchez>probably because of the pun
<Gabumon>we did
<Nabber>forgive me lord for i have sinned
<Rick_Sanchez>but yeah
<NSY>wiki's title is Professor Elvin Gadd
<Lakituthequick>cameo in his own home series?
<Tailmon>just remove all of the awards
<NSY>you know go with professor e gadd
<Nabber>i agree with smasher
<Meta_Knight>We should just leave it at e. gadd
<Freakworld>i agree we should leave poochy no matter what the discussion was last time
<NSY>better name
<Meta_Knight>Because that's what most people recognize
<NSY>tempted to make a tpp to have it moved through the wiki
<Gabumon>well ok
<Tailmon>i don't think e. gadd is called elvin enough for that to be needed
unlike princess and professor
<Gabumon>Professor E. Gadd
<_2257>are we voting?
<Tailmon>probably not
<Tailmon>i just didn't feel like typing out three more letter
<Gabumon>M13: Favorite Level Theme (Grasslands, Desert, Snow/Ice, Mountain, Underground, Beach, Sky, Jungle, Space, Lava, Ghost Houses, Underwater, Castle, Airship, Factory/Industrial, Carnival, City/Town)
<Tailmon>this one seems fine enough
<NSY>lava sounds vague
<Toadbert>is there actually lava themed levels
that arent castles?
<Lakituthequick>would volcanic be better for lava?
<Perch> most of the world 8s
<_2257>like all of world 8 in nsmb
<Gabumon>no, lava levels are a mario staple
<_2257>was lava themed
<Toadbert>oh right good point
i played that game too
<Perch>dark land could count too, i think
<Rick_Sanchez>paper mario has a volcano
<_2257>i feel like dark land was just
dark themed
<Gabumon>volcanic wouldnt really work because not all lava levels are also volcanos
<_2257>it had lava but it also had deserts and jungles
<Tailmon>lava isn't really vague to me
<NSY>per edo
<Gabumon>it also pops up in castles and shit
<NSY>but lava doesnt sound right
<Gabumon>bowser probably just likes the stuff and has it imported
<Lakituthequick>"the floor is lava"
"the ceiling is lava"
the lava is also lava
<Lakituthequick>"the walls are lava"
<Tailmon>mario is lava
<Rick_Sanchez>maybe that's why he keeps that axe close
he likes bathing in it
<Lakituthequick>"bowser is lava"
<Perch>you're lava, he's lava, he's lava, i'm lava! is there any other lava i should know about?!
<Rick_Sanchez>but doesn't want his minions to know so he has to come up with an excuse
<Rick_Sanchez>maybe that's why he kidnaps the princess
<Rick_Sanchez>i just solved Super Mario
<Lakituthequick>isnt it magma though
<_2257>its because he knows dry bowser is cooler than regular bowser
<Gabumon>I feel like "Lava" is a valid mario level theme
<turb>semantics ltq
<_2257>its only magma if its underground, but lets ignore that
<Lakituthequick>or did i just open pandoras box again
<turb>also yeah i think lava is perfectly valid
<Gabumon>but does anyone have a replacement if they dont like it
<Tailmon>lava is fine
<turb>theres plenty of levels like that
<_2257>"lava/magma" would be the only way to cover both, and that sounds stupid
<Lakituthequick>molten rock covers both also
fire themed stage
<Chiaki_Nanami>everyone knows what a fire themed stage is
pidgey has a point
<Tailmon>actually yeah
<Toadbert>how well does that work though
<Tailmon>fire works
<Lakituthequick>i know that level with falling debris
<Meta_Knight>Yeah fire is good
but not lava
but eh
<NSY>fire is a much better name imo
<_2257>lets call them "warm levels"
there are beaches
<Gabumon>ok, its fire now
<Chiaki_Nanami>those are usually warm
you sure you want to categorise beaches into this
<_2257>pidgey... it was a joke...
<Lakituthequick>oh dear
<_2257>warm levels sounds really stupid
that was the point
<Chiaki_Nanami>and i took it to its extreme
extreme pointgs
<Gabumon>M14: Favorite Species (Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Boos, Shy Guys, Chain Chomps, Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills, Dry Bones, Hammer Bros, Wigglers, Chargin’ Chucks, Lakitus, Yoshis, Toads, Lumas, Magikoopas)
<Chiaki_Nanami>f'(x) = 0
<Tailmon>lava/fire/beach/volcanic/magma/smasher levels
<_2257>hammer bros looks weird
<Lakituthequick>Hammer Bros.
<_2257>what are they actually called
<Tailmon>Hammer Bros.
<Lakituthequick>with the dot
<turb>Hammer Brothers?
<Toadbert>ive never seen them called that
its always hammer bros.
<Chiaki_Nanami>Hammer Bros.
<turb>i guess it's usually hammer bros. with the dot though
<Gabumon>dot added
<Chiaki_Nanami>no instance of 'Bros.' can correctly be substituted with 'brothers' anyway
it's just
always 'Bros.'
<Lakituthequick>Hammer Bros. (or Hammer Brothers[1], sometimes spelled "Hammer Bros") [..]
the reference
<Tailmon>we didn't go with elvin gadd because he's rarely ever called elvin
<Chiaki_Nanami>what is that reference
<Lakituthequick>"Hammer Bros. (or Hammer Brothers[1], sometimes spelled "Hammer Bros") are"
"^ Super Mario Bros. 3 English instruction booklet, page 41."
<_2257>the wiki article is just at "Hammer Bro"
<Tailmon>hammer bro. is usually just that
Chiaki_Nanami waits
<Chiaki_Nanami>one ENCLOSED INSTRUCTION BOOKLET won't sway my opinion here
<Lakituthequick>i dont have the booklet
dont have the game itself either so
<Toadbert>i have that book
<Gabumon>ok, we went with Hammer Bros.
<Toadbert>it just so happens
<Gabumon>other than that I see no errors
smb3 is a really lnog time ago
i dont think it matters what it said in that book
<Toadbert>book does say brothers
<_2257>if every subsequent game contradicts it
<turb>i apologize for bringing up the book
<Tailmon>we forgive you
<Meta_Knight>Everything else is bros.
<Lakituthequick>"also called"
<turb>it was an accident sir
<_2257>i thought ltq brought it up?
it's just
one game
<turb>i brought up hammer brothers though
<_2257>turb are you admitting ltq is your sock
<Chiaki_Nanami>I don't think we should be putting too much stock into this
i feel like this award is good now
<Gabumon>I think Hammer Bros. is fine
<Gabumon>M15: Hardest Boss (Shadow Queen, Bonetail, Cackletta, Culex, Elder Princess Shroob, Bowser (Paper Mario), Bowser X, Smithy, The Master (Final Form), Dreamy Bowser, Master Core/Fortress, Phantamanta, Boolossus, Kamek and Paper Kamek)
<Lakituthequick>Bros. it is
<_2257>im still bothered by the wiki article being at "bro" though
why... is it like that...
<Tailmon>why IS it like that
<Meta_Knight>Because there's also boomerang bro
And fire bro
<Chiaki_Nanami>it's a Hammer Bro
<Gabumon>bring it up with the wiki
please, focus
is there not an 's' in that name
<Toadbert>not from what i recall
<Perch>no, it's a singular manta to begin with
<Perch>only during the fight does it split
<Chiaki_Nanami>also it's 'Kamek and Paper Kamek' as one nominee, I take it?
if so
could we change the 'and' to an ampersand
<Tailmon>yeah from paper jam i think
<Chiaki_Nanami>i don't know why i want this
<Tailmon>i don't either
<Toadbert>me neither
<Freakworld>why not
<Rick_Sanchez>shouuuuld we do "Kamek and Paper Kamek (Paper Jam)" or is it obvious enough
<Toadbert>isnt there other things with "and" already
<Freakworld>its obvious i think
<Toadbert>that that would break consistency with
<Lakituthequick>if there are then both are used
<turb>i mean
i think its clear that theyre one boss
<Tailmon>me too
<turb>they dont have a comma separating them and people who played paper jam would probably recognize them
<Gabumon>they will show up as one option on the poll
<Lakituthequick>F10 uses an "and"
<Gabumon>there is little chance of confusion
<Lakituthequick>nothing else more
everything else uses &
<Gabumon>what is this instance of and
<Toadbert>i thought it was all and
<Lakituthequick>"Limited Inventory (Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD)"
then we will change this and that one to &
<Tailmon>well if its mostly & i guess it wouldn't hurt to be consistent
<Chiaki_Nanami>i knew that my hunch was correct
<Gabumon>anything else?
<Chiaki_Nanami>bonus points to me
<Nabber>wait, SPM also had limited inventory
<Tailmon>everything else seems correct
<Nabber>right? im pretty sure about that
<Perch>it did
<_2257>so did smrpg
<Tailmon>can we do that when we actually
get to f10
<Chiaki_Nanami>i agree with smasher
<Tailmon>we're a bit away from there
<Gabumon>yes, smasher is correct
<Gabumon>this is M15
Hardest Boss (Shadow Queen, Bonetail, Cackletta, Culex, Elder Princess Shroob, Bowser (Paper Mario), Bowser X, Smithy, The Master (Final Form), Dreamy Bowser, Master Core/Fortress, Phantamanta, Boolossus, Kamek & Paper Kamek)
<Tailmon>we just brought that up to help decide if and should be changed to &
<Tailmon>so yeah like i said everything should be fine
<_2257>which cackletta
<NSY>final form i think
<Toadbert>isnt there only one fight with "cackletta"
<Freakworld>soul i think
<Toadbert>i thought the last fight was her soul
<Freakworld>theres like 2 i think
<Toadbert>written as "cackletta's soul"
<NSY>there three
<Freakworld>dont remember ss well enough
<turb>there's a fight against Cackletta, one against Bowletta, and one against Cackletta's Soul
<NSY>one midgame, one against bowletta and one against her soul
<Toadbert>i never made it past fawful so i cant recall for sure
Kotori_Minami ( has joined #mwikiawards
<turb>i don't remember which one we intended to put on the award, if i'm honestly
<Toadbert>but yeah turb just said what i meant
<turb>i'd assume it was the soul because the midgame battle isn't particularly frustrating if you know what you're doing
<Gabumon>when in doubt, lets go with the last one
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<Toadbert>cackletta herself wasnt a hard bass
<Tailmon>ok then change it Cackletta's Soul
<Toadbert>nor a fish
<Tailmon>is that it now
<Gabumon>I think so
<Chiaki_Nanami>Toadbert: was she a fisk
<Toadbert>is that a homestuck reference
it's a
me reference
<Gabumon>M16: Favorite Item (Tanooki Suit/Super Leaf, Star, Fire Flower, Mega Mushroom, Metal Cap, Wing Cap, Bullet Bill, Propeller Mushroom, Penguin Suit, Cloud Flower, Cape Feather, Gold Flower, Cat Suit/Super Bell, Double Cherry, Super Horn, Mystery Mushroom)
sorry but
werent there also two bowser xes
<Gabumon>I dont know
<Perch>lemme look
<Gabumon>are there
<_2257>i thought so
<Meta_Knight>This award seems fine
<Perch>one in BiS and one in DT
<Lakituthequick>"Star can refer to the following:"
<Lakituthequick>oh dear
<Gabumon>I think we mean the BiS one
<_2257>i'm sure the intended star was the power star
<turb>yeah BiS was the intended one i think
<Chiaki_Nanami>Super Star
<turb>the super star?
<_2257>i mean starman
<_2257>the one that makes you flash
<_2257>and be invincible
<Lakituthequick>"Super Stars, power-ups that give its user temporary invincibility."
<Chiaki_Nanami>oh derp
<_2257>is it really called super star now?
<_2257>when did that happen
<Toadbert>yeah doesnt it have tons of names
<Tailmon>i haven't heard it be called starman in forever tbh
<Lakituthequick>"Super Stars (also referred to as Starmen or Invincible Starmen[1]) "
<Lakituthequick>Cain, Christine (July 7, 1999). Super Mario Bros. Deluxe: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, page 10. Retrieved April 10, 2015.
<_2257>ive always called it starman, i had no idea that wasnt the real name
<Tailmon>thanks christine cain
<Freakworld>ive just called it star
all day every day
<Gabumon>Starman is a well established name, so lets go with Super Star/Starman
<_2257>i also thought ? blocks were actually officially called "prize block" forever
<Freakworld>or power star some times
<Chiaki_Nanami>prize block
<Tailmon>i've generally called it either super star or just star
super star/starman works too
<Chiaki_Nanami>fw: power stars are the things you grab in sm64
<Lakituthequick>So Super Star is the official name for this purpose
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Mode #mwikiawards +o mcd by ChanServ
<turb>per edo
<Chiaki_Nanami>and smg and smg2 and sm64ds
<_2257>super star actually makes me think of mario party before anything else
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<Chiaki_Nanami>mcd you're literally only 1 hour and 42 minutes late
u did it
<Tailmon>you are the starman
<Packy>we can start the meeting now i'm here ok
<Gabumon>M17: Favorite Mario RPG (Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Super Paper Mario, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)
<Lakituthequick>oh bother
<Chiaki_Nanami>Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
<Freakworld>no please dont
<Tailmon>i think all of the titl-------
<Freakworld>else all of the titles seem okay
<Tailmon>wow you didn't even let me finish typing this time
<mcd>late to what
is this not palkgiuschat
<Chiaki_Nanami>this is mwikiawards
<Packy>this is my chat, yes
<Gabumon>focus, please
<mcd>god damn
<Packy>sorry :C
<mcd>i seem to have entered the wrong house again!
<Freakworld>[03:43] Freakworld else all of the titles seem okay
<Gabumon>Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
<Chiaki_Nanami>the only change is 'Super Mario RPG' -> 'Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars'
<Gabumon>other than that the titles seem ok
<Chiaki_Nanami>all other titles are good
<Tailmon>that's the only change i'm PRETTY SURE
<turb>yeah tht's good
<Gabumon>M18: Favorite Mario Party Game (Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, Mario Party Advance, Mario Party 7, Mario Party DS, Mario Party 8, Mario Party 9, Mario Party: Island Tour, Mario Party 10)
<Chiaki_Nanami>all good
<Meta_Knight>This is fine
<Packy>can't find anything wrong there
<Tailmon>Mario Party: 2
<Toadbert>mario party II
<Chiaki_Nanami>Mario Party: Smasher
<Nabber>Mario Party: Revenge
<Kotori_Minami>Mario Party: Mario Edition
<Chiaki_Nanami>im sorry for not focusing
<Gabumon>M19: Favorite Super Smash Bros. Character (Mario, Kirby, Link, Yoshi, Sonic, Wario, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Mr. Game & Watch, Peach, Toon Link, Mega Man, Rosalina & Luma, Pac-Man, Villager, Ness, Bowser, Shulk)
<Lakituthequick>ds came after 8
<Freakworld>Mario Party 3, Mario Party 3 (actually 1 with a misleading boxart)
<_2257>are we doing princess peach again
<Chiaki_Nanami>ltq: it does not matter
<Tailmon>might as well, i guess
<Chiaki_Nanami>the options will be randomised on the poll anyway
<Gabumon>the order is irrelevant because options are randomized
<Chiaki_Nanami>and yes, we are doing that
consistency is key
<Toadbert>i say no 22
because shes just named Peach in game
per tb
<Tailmon>that is true actually
<Chiaki_Nanami>ok then
<_2257>well thats frustrating
<Lakituthequick>polls randomizing on this kind of poll seems odd to me but okay
is it 'Rosalina & Luma' or 'Rosalina and Luma'
in the game
<_2257>randomisation is better because it eliminates people's bias towards the first option
<Tailmon>i'm pretty sure it's & but i could be completely wrong
<Packy>it's & iirc
<turb>the ampersand is there
<Lakituthequick>Rosalina & Luma is the name given to a fighting duo in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. For pages on the individual characters, refer to the following:
& it is
<Gabumon>its &
<Chiaki_Nanami>there's obviously mario bias in that list but
<Gabumon>I just looked it up
<Chiaki_Nanami>no objections
<Gabumon>M20: Favorite Sports Game (Mario Tennis (N64), Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Mario Sports Mix, Super Mario Strikers, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympics, Mario Tennis Open, Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash)
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<NSY>its London 2012 not 2012 London
<Freakworld>are the m&s game titles correct
<Lakituthequick>Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)
<Freakworld>everything else seems fine
<NSY>and Vancouver 2010 is just simply Olympic Winter games
<_2257>wait, are we unabbreviating console names now?
i thought we didnt do that for mario kart
<Lakituthequick>we did with m4
we are
<Tailmon>we are?
<Tailmon>alright then
<Toadbert>thats the first time i noticed
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<Gabumon>"Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games"
<Tailmon>yeah that's its title
<Lakituthequick>Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
<Tailmon>not sure if some would confuse it with later olympic winter games
<Lakituthequick>Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
<Tailmon>probably not but
<Lakituthequick>(not specifing vancouver)
<SonicMario>There are two Olympic Winter games though. Wouldn't it serve to different at least a little?
<Gabumon>Favorite Sports Game (Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64), Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Mario Sports Mix, Super Mario Strikers, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Mario Tennis Open, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash)
<NSY>i think every one of these names is now correct
<mcd>i guess we're going for the latest olympic games?
<Lakituthequick>the second specifies Sochi
<mcd>none are particularly memorable
for any reason
<Lakituthequick>we removed 2014 apparently
<Freakworld>the remixes are hype
<Tailmon>mcd it literally said the 2010 one before
<Freakworld>thats literally all though
<mcd>i was responding to sonicmario
<Tailmon>oh, i guess you were dead
<NSY>mcd we made the decision to go with Vancouver over sochi a few meetings back
<mcd>and i was dead
<Gabumon>ok, so I think thats ok then
<Lakituthequick>all titles are correct now i belive
<NSY>i think it was because it was more liked
<mcd>id support going with vancouver too but last time i played it it was pretty terrible
<SonicMario>Vancouver I think is considered the better one though (Vancouver has more content, they kinda rushed the Sochi one I heard. Sochi doesn't even have a handheld version)
<mcd>so im guessing sochi must be even worse
<Gabumon>since the other winter game is the sochi one
M21: Favorite Puzzle Game (Dr. Mario (series), Tetris Attack, Yoshi’s Cookie, Wario’s Woods, Mario’s Picross, Mario vs. Donkey Kong (series), Yoshi, Donkey Kong ‘94, DK: King of Swing/DK: Jungle Climber, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition)
<NSY>how is vancouver olympic games a terrible game
its a great game
<turb>does it matter which wario's woods it is
nes or snes
<Tailmon>i doubt it
<Gabumon>why is there an entire series nominated
<Toadbert>arent all the games the same
<Lakituthequick>woods is the same game apparently so no
<Chiaki_Nanami>hang on
<Freakworld>okay weve discussed this already but
<turb>dr mario games are fairly similar
<Toadbert>woods is the same game
<Chiaki_Nanami>is it really
<NSY>ugh why is king of swing/jungle climber still there but i know full well its never leaving this award
<Chiaki_Nanami>DK: King of Swing
<turb>but we could nominate the most recent one or something
<Freakworld>the title of dk94 is just "Donkey Kong"
<mcd>i guess the entire series is nominated when the games just follow like the same forumla
<Tailmon>i think we need the '94 in this case
we can put the 94 in brackets
<Lakituthequick>should od that for that other award too then
<_2257>the wiki article is at donkey kong (game boy)
if thats relevant
<Toadbert>i think Donkey Kong (Arcade) would be the most clear to me personally
<Lakituthequick>Donkey Kong (alternatively Game Boy Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong '94 in early development) [..]
<Toadbert>isnt dk94 pretty much the same
<_2257>its not the arcade one, though
<Toadbert>oh really
<Tailmon>the arcade game is not a puzzle game
<_2257>dk94 is more like
mario vs dk
<Toadbert>wait what the hell this is a puzzle game
<Gabumon>lets specify the console instead of the year then
<Toadbert>i have never heard of this in my life
<NSY>donkey kong 94 is a beta name
<Gabumon>(Game Boy)
<Toadbert>wait yes i have
but i always jsut assumed it was the arcade
<NSY>i would prefer game boy in the brackets over 94
<Lakituthequick>change in M5 too then
<Freakworld>the first 4 stages are the arcade version
then comes the change
<Lakituthequick>DK: King of Swing and DK: Jungle Climber are different games as one nominee?
<turb>i dunno
i feel like it's fine but that also
<Gabumon>do we write out the DK, or is that literally the title?
<SonicMario>Then Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 1 was like a sequel to DK94 but then every following one was centered around a Lemming style puzzle game on the Minis
<turb>would require the dr mario (series) thing to be fine
<NSY>the entire mvsdk are combined as one
<Tailmon>i think dr mario (series) is ok
<turb>looks like DK: King of Swing
<NSY>those games are similar to be fair ltq
<turb>and jungle climber
the donkey kong isn't written out
<_2257>21:59:25 @SonicMario | Then Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 1 was like a sequel to DK94 but then every following one was centered around a Lemming style puzzle game on the Minis
21:59:40 @NSY | the entire mvsdk are combined as one
this is actually kind of weird tbh
<Tailmon>oh yeah i kind of meant to point that out
<_2257>mvdk1 is combined with a bunch of games it has little in common with, but not the game it has a lot in common with
<Tailmon>most of the mvsdk games are similar enough but the first one is nothing like it
<mcd>aren't all games but the first pretty much the same just with a few different level mechanics
<Tailmon>i'm not sure how to separate the original from the rest, though
<Freakworld>yeah all games after mvdk2 have the same basic principle
mario vs. donkey kong, mario vs. donkey kong (lemmings)
<Gabumon>mario vs. donkey kong 2 (and onwards)
or onward
I dont english
<NSY>i would have them best of as different nominees
<_2257>(theyre both correct)
<Tailmon>Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (and onward) ?
<_2257>the second game isnt called 2 though
it has a subtitle
<Tailmon>and then maybe combine the original with 94?
if they're similar enough
<NSY>how different are those two games?
<Gabumon>maybe we should just go with the most well-known one
<Uniju>good meeting guys, i feel like i got a lot done
im gonna go to bed and die
<Gabumon>have fun
<Tailmon>i've never actually played either 94 or mvdk1 so i guess i'm not much help there
<Freakworld>>going to bed before 4 am
classic uniju
<Gabumon>I played 94
<_2257>ive played mvdk1
<Freakworld>i played 94 as well
<Gamefreak75>is the meeting still going on?
<Freakworld>and mvdk1
<Gamefreak75>im back btw
<Lakituthequick>its been 4:00 over here though
<Freakworld>i have them both on my 3ds
<Gabumon>well, we're in overtime
<Packy>i've played both of them but it's been awhile
<Gamefreak75>i dont think i ever said i left
but im back
<Freakworld>yeah ltq thats what i was referring to
<Packy>from my memory i don't think they're very similar
<Gabumon>the meeting ends as soon as this discussion does
<Gamefreak75>and thats all that matters
<Packy>but i might be wrong
<Freakworld>but uniju is in a fun american timezone
<Packy>i think there was a lot more in MvDK1 that differentiated itself enough from being like a DK94 2 in a way I guess
<Chiaki_Nanami>i'm absolutely exhausted may i go to bed
<Chiaki_Nanami>ok, thanks
<Gabumon>call the end of the meeting here
<_2257>lets all play dk94 and mvdk1
Chiaki_Nanami is now known as slepi
<_2257>this week
<Gabumon>and take up from here next week
<Freakworld>ive played them theyre
mostly identical
<Tailmon>yeah we can always sort this out next week
<Packy>goddammit freakworld
<Freakworld>other than the fact that mvdk has like
another type of level objective
they have the same moves etc
<Packy>idk it's been like years i just know both of them are really really fun games
<Gabumon>We will resume the discussion of M21 and the rest of the full review next week
<NSY>how many mini march games are they now btw
<Tailmon>someone buy me mvsdk1 and dk94 so i can solve the mystery
<Gabumon>end of meeting here