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Topic for #mwikiawards is ``"An Excellent Meeting" - Chef Excellence, 2015 || Awards are canceled, I have a hair appointment the day of the ceremony and I can't miss it, soz || 1st meeting hype || Links || Number of meetings survived: 9''
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<Uniju>i'm going to miss part of the meeting due to eating dinner
(i'm going to miss the rest of it due to playing minecraft)
okay i think i've just about driven le epic uniju plays minecraft during meetings meme into the ground
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<Tailmon>i'll be absent at points
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<Anton{Politoed}>you made it
we seem a little light today but oh well
anyways here's the meeting it's meeting time yayayayay
<Tailmon>first meeting hype
<Anton{Politoed}>today we're doing:
*Continue Full Review (M21-?)
and then
*Note on tournaments *Note on E3 *Note on dossiers
all at various times where I feel appropriate
so anyways with that being said it looks like last meeting left off with
<Gabumon> We will resume the discussion of M21 and the rest of the full review next week
so I guess that leaves us with deciding if M21 needs anything else done to it
Favorite Puzzle Game (Dr. Mario (series), Tetris Attack, Yoshi’s Cookie, Wario’s Woods, Mario’s Picross, Mario vs. Donkey Kong (series), Yoshi, Donkey Kong (Game Boy), DK: King of Swing/DK: Jungle Climber, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition)
changes seemed to be specifying consoles instead of years on ones that weren't certain
<turb>are we still upset about some of the nominees being (series)
<Anton{Politoed}>for anyone who knows better than I would, is that complete
<turb>also i think we wanted to split MvsDK or something
<Tailmon>i think we were still unsure about mvdk
namely the first one, because it has little to do with the rest of the series
<turb>looks like it was completed @anton
<NSY>i remember being talk last week over MvsDK
<turb>i think the only thing that had to be changed was DKGB
<NSY>after some thought i support a split
<SonicMario>I believe one thing we were talking is if Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong '94 should be split between the different gameplay styles. Since DK94 and MVSDK1 had similar gameplay, while the rest of MVSDK was around the Lemmings style Minis
<Freakworld>im dead
i mean
im alive
<Toadbert>will be gone for a while longer
are you talking tournaments last
<Anton{Politoed}>Toadbert: probably
<Tailmon>well i actually have to go now but i'll probably be back in less than ten minutes
<Toadbert>i might be around for that then
<Anton{Politoed}>well tbh I don't know a fucking thing about these games so
I can't really give any grand idea on what should be done
<DragonFreak>didnt the gba one you could control mario directly too?
<Tailmon>i support the first mvdk getting split from the rest at least
<SonicMario>I think a vote on it could be good enough
<turb>yeah df
<DragonFreak>assuming that's the style gameplay split you're talking about
<Tailmon>and changing that nominee to cover the second game and onward
<Anton{Politoed}>what would the new nominee titles be
<NSY>Mario vs Donkey Kong (GBA), Mario vs Donkey Kong (2 and onwards)?
not sure how to word the second one
<turb>if we can't think of anything better that's probably a good wording
<DragonFreak>Lemming styled Mario vs. Donkey Kong?
<turb>are dk94 and mvsdk gba similar enough to be merged
i mean i don't necessarily think we need to do that but like
king of swing and jungle climber are merged
<Meta_Knight>they don't feel similar at all to me
<NSY>they're pretty different in my eyes
king of swing and jungle climber are very similar games on the other hand
<Anton{Politoed}>so let me word a vote on what we should do before we take the time to figure out wording
Vote: Split MvDK (Series)? (y/n/a)
<Freakworld>the participation tonight is real
<Anton{Politoed}>good enough for me
<SonicMario> And for the record here's a level example from each of DK94 and Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. Similar items and everything. Only big difference is graphics and the Mini Marios for MvsDK
<Anton{Politoed}>they look similar but do they play similar
i guess you can say levels are bigger because
theyre 2 rooms
and not 1
<Anton{Politoed}>so the split is:
 20:05 NSY Mario vs Donkey Kong (GBA), Mario vs Donkey Kong (2 and onwards)?
let's vote on the one thing right now then too
<Freakworld>and theres another type of objectives
the picking up mario toys thing
<Anton{Politoed}>Vote: Merge DK94 and MvDK (GBA)? (y/n/a)
<Freakworld>dk94 only had keys
<NSY>may i ask what happened to edo?
<NSY>also n
<Freakworld>they are similar enough in my eyes
<Anton{Politoed}>he's probably asleep idk
<SonicMario>In DK94 you can even do handstands and special jumps like in MvsDK
<Freakworld>yeah they literally have the same controls
<Meta_Knight>actually change to a
i haven't played the first mvdk
<Anton{Politoed}>so it's basically an update with a new name to shoehorn "Mario" in
<Meta_Knight>i was just going off basis from the others
<Anton{Politoed}>I'll vote Y since if people think it sucks they'll write mean comments in the write-in box like they usually do to complain
<Freakworld>theres more content but tbh its less of a stretch than grouping mvdk1 with the rest
<Anton{Politoed}>and we can adjust next year
<turb>i haven't played dk94 just a bit of mvsdk
so i probably shouldnt comment on this too much
ill switch to Y if needed
<Anton{Politoed}>also just a note despite lower attendance and participation today since it's just the full review I'm not gonna be a hardass on needing enough vote
<NSY>ive played both
<SonicMario>I've seen ProtonJon play DK94 and I've played MvsDK myself.
<Freakworld>>just the full review
<Anton{Politoed}>people can always read these logs and voice their opinions on the forum
<NSY>even though ive played like 10 minutes of mvsdk1
<Anton{Politoed}>yeah fw we're just reviewing
<Freakworld>this is the pinnacle of awards meetings
idk what people dont get about this
<Anton{Politoed}>we're not going through picking apart every award and changing everything
anyways vote passes
they're merged
<Freakworld>bunch a renegades
<Anton{Politoed}>Donkey Kong (Game Boy)/Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA)
is its wording
bulky but
<NSY>im happy with that
<Anton{Politoed}>that leaves us with deciding if "Mario vs Donkey Kong (2 and onwards)" is an ok title
<Meta_Knight>perhaps we could do Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 (and onwards)
<SonicMario>At least 2 is actually in the title for MvsDK2 so it should be fine
<Anton{Politoed}>this breaks from the console preference in title
are people ok with that
<turb>i'm ok with it
<NSY>well these later games span across three consoles
im happy though
<turb>it's either that or cramming all the consoles in there yeah
<Tailmon>i'm back
<Anton{Politoed}>lowercase on "onwards" to indicate that it's not like
part of the title
<Anton{Politoed}>that settles that bit
<NSY>hi smasher
<Anton{Politoed}>is there anything else to bring up about M21?
<Freakworld>anton will you be super mad if i go sleep
i dont know how long ill keep my sanity
<Freakworld>ive been awake for too long
<Anton{Politoed}>as long as if you think you have anything to say
you read the logs and comment on the forum later
<Freakworld>i have something to say about tournaments i guess
<turb>people were buttmad as hell about dr mario being a series and not a single game iirc but like
<Freakworld>ill do that in the thread
<Anton{Politoed}>ok gr8
<turb>i don't really..... care that much about it, at least personally
i mean
<SonicMario>I think we're good
<turb>there's no real accepted standard for this award
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<NSY>bye freak
<turb>it's just whatever we think fits best
games are merged and etc
and all of the dr mario games are similar enough that you can just slap the ser
ies tag on
and it'll be fine
<Anton{Politoed}>from the logs it looked like edo questioned it
then got an answer and he said "ok"
so I'm ok too
<turb>oh ok
<turb>i missed that part lol
<SonicMario>The only big difference Dr. Mario series has had is Dr. Luigi with the L Capsules but I wouldn't consider that significant enough.
<Tailmon>i think we're fine
<Anton{Politoed}>gr8 so next is M22
Favorite Mario Maker Design Element (Special effects, Winged enemies, Giant enemies, Koopa Clown Car, Key Coins, Objects in Bill Blasters, Music Blocks, Spiny/Buzzy Beetle shell helmets, Level theme changes, Game theme changes, Stackable enemies, Mystery mushrooms)
we exploded Favorite Koopaling for this
and painfully worked on all of these
I sure do hope they're fine but are there any new ideas
<NSY>what exactly is meant by special effects
<turb>i don't think there's been any new additions
and i assume sound/visual effects
is that a clearer name for it
<Lakituthequick>Key Coins are actually Pink Coins
<Meta_Knight>seems clearer
<turb>new additions to smm itself, i mean
<NSY>much more specific
<Lakituthequick>Mystery Mushroom with capital M
<Anton{Politoed}>the wiki agrees with ltq so I'll change that
<Tailmon>am i alive
<Anton{Politoed}>changing special to sound/visual as well
is that it for edits
I'm not noticing any typos or anything
<DragonFreak>i think the rest is fine
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<Tailmon>i think time froze for me like it did to tb and 22 that one time
<Meta_Knight>i think its fine as well
<Tailmon>i think i'm free
<Anton{Politoed}>gr8, meaning
Favorite DK Character (Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, Funky Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, King K. Rool, Rambi, Enguarde, Squawks)
<Anton{Politoed}>no changes were made to this award
are there any sudden desires to change
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<Packy>i'm here meeting can start etc. etc.
<Lakituthequick>"Squawks the Parrot"
<SonicMario>Unless you want Smasher's Dial-Up Kong :V
<Tailmon>unless we suddenly want to add species to the animal buddies names
do it
<Lakituthequick>"Enguarde the Swordfish"
<NSY>we started 27 minutes ago packy
<Tailmon>packy who are you
<Lakituthequick>"Rambi the Rhino"
<Anton{Politoed}>is "the [Animal" a necessary part of their name
<turb>people will understand what they are regardless i think
<Lakituthequick>it's how the wiki lists them
we've done it everywhere else so far
<Anton{Politoed}>it seems like that's their formal full name but then they're just referred to as Squawks, etc. for the rest of the article
<Tailmon>i mean i think they're unnecessary but we did do stuff like "Peach" > "Princess Peach" so idk
<Lakituthequick>was just about to mention peach, thanks
<NSY>if the wiki lists then as that then we should asw
<Anton{Politoed}>it's a harmless edit then so sure i'll do it
gr8 is that it then
Favorite Wario Character (Mona, Jimmy T., 9-Volt & 18-Volt, Ashley & Red, Dribble & Spitz, Orbulon, Dr. Crygor, Kat & Ana, Young Cricket & Master Mantis, Captain Syrup, Rudy the Clown, Shake King, Princess Shokora, Wario)
same deal
<Meta_Knight>seems fine to me
<NSY>yh nothing wrong here
<DragonFreak>i like how wario is last
but yeah fine by me
<Tailmon>they're randomized anyway
<Tailmon>i don't think any name changes are necessary there
<Anton{Politoed}>Favorite 2D Level (Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy (YI), World 1-1 (SMB), Poochy Ain't Stupid (YI), Donut Plains 1 (SMW), Forest of Illusion 3 (SMW), Crescent Moon Village (WL4), World 1-2 (SMB), World 2-Pyramid (SMB3), Donut Secret House (SMW), Painted Swampland (NSMBU), Arabian Nights (WL4), Bramble Scramble (DKC2), Front Door (SMW), Go! Go! Morphing! (YI),
<Anton{Politoed}>World 8-7 (NSMBW))
we exploded the awful sm64/sms award for this
<turb>i don't think any of the numbered levels can be changed to make them clearer
<Raiko_Chaorikawa>it turned out nothing was happening but i had to have dinner
<turb>people will just have to google i guess
<Raiko_Chaorikawa>pretty much
<Anton{Politoed}>and yeah there's nothing we can do about that
<Raiko_Chaorikawa>we'd have to get into describing them
"that one with X"
<Anton{Politoed}>the game is specified and all levels are painfully detailed on the wiki
polls are conveniently located on the wiki so simple going over to the navigation area will work wonders
<SonicMario>Technically we exploded it for 3D level :V
<Lakituthequick>i believe the names for this are correct seeing all the !'s and stuff so i'm not going past all of them now
<NSY>weather outside rn is terrible
<Anton{Politoed}>technically no we didn't according to the Full List I'm looking at but ok
<NSY>could cut me off
<Anton{Politoed}>and gr8
<Lakituthequick>weather could cut you off?
Favorite 3D Level (Toy Time Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, Whomp's Fortress/Throwback Galaxy, Grandmaster Galaxy, Cosmic Cove Galaxy, Bob-omb Battlefield, Tick Tock Clock, Pinna Park, Sirena Beach, Delfino Plaza/Airstrip, Mount Must Dash, The Great Tower of Bowser Land, Champion's Road, World 2-3 (SM3DL), World 5-2 (SM3DL), Special 7-3 (SM3DL))
sm3d2 got exploded for this
same deal as the last one
<Lakituthequick>same there
<Meta_Knight>seems fine
<NSY>good here
<SonicMario>Pardon me I may have just confused exploded with replaced. Since 3D level fundamentally absorbs SMS/Sm64
<Anton{Politoed}>are we expanding all of the titles here like the other awards
<Meta_Knight>it doesnt really matter what one replaced what
<Anton{Politoed}>sm3dl --> Super Mario 3D Land
are we fine with it
<Tailmon>i guess we could
<turb>either way is fine with me
<Anton{Politoed}>we certainly can but do we need and want to
<Tailmon>consistency or something
<Lakituthequick>abbreviation works here
<NSY>per all
<Meta_Knight>the titles of the levels are already really long
<Tailmon>idk i think abbreviation in this case is ok
<turb>personally i feel like abbreviation is fine just so the game name isn't half of the nominee name
<Meta_Knight>leave it abbreviated
<Lakituthequick>where else did we use ful titles then?
<turb>donkey kong (game boy)
if that counts
<Anton{Politoed}>m4, m17
<turb>idk if we used full titles for actual games
<Anton{Politoed}>are quick examples
<turb>yeah those
<Anton{Politoed}>m4 is probably the best one but it's weak relative to this so
ok I agree abbreviations are fine
<Gamefreak75>im here now
<Lakituthequick>m17 doesn't use parantheses
<Gamefreak75>i might have to leave afain though
<Tailmon>good because then we'd have to go back to to m25 and do all of those
<turb>oh yeah
<Anton{Politoed}>M27 then
<turb>i should have just brought up m25 lol
<Anton{Politoed}>Favorite Boss Battle (Tubba Blubba (Paper Mario), Phantamanta (Super Mario Sunshine), Brobot + Brobot L Type (Super Paper Mario), Rawk Hawk (PM:TTYD), Bowser in the Sky (Super Mario 64), Kaptain K. Rool 1 & 2 (DKC2), Super Dimentio (Super Paper Mario), Elder Princess Shroob (M&L: PiT), Megaleg (Super Mario Galaxy),
General Guy (Paper Mario), Kingfin (Super Mario Galaxy), Motley Bossblob (SM3DW), Tiki Tong (DKCR), Popple & Rookie (M&L: SS)), Dark Bowser (M&L: BIS), Bowser/Meowser (SM3DW), Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy), Shiny Robobowser
<NSY>how come both brobot battles merged?
<Anton{Politoed}>gotta stick the game onto shiny robobowser
<NSY>they both very different battles imo
<Lakituthequick>"Shiny RoboBowser"
capital B
<Anton{Politoed}>with the way the game titles are expanded here
it looks like there's an unofficial length at which we begin abbreviating
I don't really care for going and trying to define the exact character length so
as long as we're all at an understanding of feeling when the game title's length becomes a hindrance
i'm good
the mario and luigi games and pmttyd would be obnoxious to write out completely
<Anton{Politoed}>re: what nsy said
is this something we should discuss
<Uniju>time to eat dinner
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<DragonFreak>i dont really remember either fights very well
<Tailmon>i can agree with that
<Nozomi_Toujou>oh god i almost missed it, what are we currently working on?
<Anton{Politoed}>the award is already at 18 nominees
<Tailmon>'Dark Bowser (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)" does seem kind of annoying
<DragonFreak>discussing if we shoudl split brobot and brobot L tyle from spm
<Anton{Politoed}>we can't split it, we either keep it as is and don't give a shit
<Anton{Politoed}>or remove it
<turb>i guess vote on it?
for relevance
<turb>personally im fine with it as is but
also you linked the same video
<Nozomi_Toujou>tbh i don't want to split it as they're basically the same boss but with a few tweaks
<Anton{Politoed}>and if we remove it there probably was some poor boss battle we booted off earlier that can come back
<Nozomi_Toujou>but i remember next to nothing about it so i may be misremembering
<Gamefreak75>brobot l is just brobot with more attacks
<NSY>star watch to two vids i posted
<shoutmon>theyre not similar at all
<Gamefreak75>l type
<shoutmon>in one of them its like
<turb>i agree that they aren't similar
<shoutmon>a shoot eumup
<turb>i just don't really give a shit about removing it lol
<Gamefreak75>well the battles are different
<turb>and the other one is like
<Gamefreak75>i mean attack wise
<shoutmon>the other one is normal spm gameplay
<turb>shitting bombs in the mouth or something
<Tailmon>i stopped playing spm before reaching either brobot so lol
<shoutmon>its favorite boss battle tho
<turb>idr what their attacks were
<Tailmon>i can't comment much here
<Nozomi_Toujou>i don't think the battles were the same
i just think the attacks were the same
<DragonFreak>isnt the reason why they are on the same entry is because they are linked
<Nozomi_Toujou>but like i said, i don't know and i'm not in a position to be able to see videos, either
<shoutmon>the only relationship between them is that youre fighting the same character
<Gamefreak75>would anyone really have a problem if they were kept merged anyways?
<Anton{Politoed}>if it's split, it's getting removed
because there's no space for it
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<Tailmon>couldn't we just keep one of them
<shoutmon>personally i wouldnt have voted for it either way
<Anton{Politoed}>I don't have a problem with keeping them merged purely out of the exertion of energy I would then have to put in to fix this
<Rick_Sanchez>first of all hi
<NSY>im with smasher
<shoutmon>but its stupid to keep two completely different battles merged
<Anton{Politoed}>that energy exertion is what I was elected to do so
<Rick_Sanchez>i never played spm but
<Anton{Politoed}>let's vote
<Rick_Sanchez>22 said like
<Nyrie>sorry i'm here late
<Rick_Sanchez>one of them is a shoot em up and the other is regular spm gameplay
<Anton{Politoed}>Vote: Split the Brobot battles and effectively remove them from the award? (y/n/a)
<Rick_Sanchez>so like, we could keep the shootemup one since it sounds more unique?
<Nyrie>((which award is this))
<Tailmon>favorite boss battle
<NSY>best boss
<Anton{Politoed}>good idea bonesy
we'll vote that next since it looks like this is passing
<Tailmon>yeah that's what i was implying
<Tailmon>keep the more unique one and just get rid of the generic one
<Anton{Politoed}>I'm giving the credit to bonesy
<Anton{Politoed}>even though it's clear in the logs that you suggested it first
<Tailmon>fuck you bones
<Anton{Politoed}>so yeah they're split
what are the individual battles called
<Rick_Sanchez>hah, eat dust smashy
<Anton{Politoed}>and Brobot L
<turb>i think they're just Brobot and Brobot L Type
Brobot is the shmup one right?
<Nyrie>you could say "Brobot (Whoa Zone)" or something
<Nyrie>the shmup one is in whoa zone
<Anton{Politoed}>Vote: Keep either Brobot or Brobot L, or defer to another booted nominee? (B/L/N/a)
<Anton{Politoed}>complex voting
<Anton{Politoed}>it looks like the bees have it
this court finds in favor of the bees
<Nabber>isn't that the plot of bee movie
<Nyrie>According to all known laws of aviation,
<Anton{Politoed}>"Brobot + Brobot L Type (Super Paper Mario)" is now "Brobot (Super Paper Mario)"
<NSY>yes nabber
<Tailmon>NOT HERE
<Nozomi_Toujou>no thanks
<Nabber>post that shit in #mwchat
<Anton{Politoed}>unless that's not the name but ___
<NSY>dont the bees win a court case
<Gamefreak75>yeah its just brobot
<Tailmon>yeah packy posted the entire script in his room
<Tailmon>it was an experience
<Anton{Politoed}>are there any other changes to M27?
<Tailmon>i think we're fine
Favorite Place (Mushroom Kingdom (SMB1), Mushroom Kingdom (Paper Mario), Super Mario RPG World, Dinosaur Land, Yoshi's Island, Isle Delfino, Beanbean Kingdom, Rogueport, Flipside & Flopside, Bowser’s Castle, Sarasaland, DK Isles, Sprixie Kingdom, Comet Observatory, Pi’illo Island)
<Uniju>ok im back
<Anton{Politoed}>welcome back we just voted for Frogs to be the Awards Committee mascot
<Nozomi_Toujou>should we skip this one
<Anton{Politoed}>just a mass of frogs
<Uniju>Good job
<Tailmon>they beat me by 62 votes
<Anton{Politoed}>I'm not noticing any typos
<Lakituthequick>DK Isles = Donkey Kong Island
<shoutmon>does it matter that "smb1" technically isnt anything or are we not invested in that level of pedantry today
<Anton{Politoed}>the only thing I can see maybe being debated is the "SMB1"
Anton{Politoed} sits on 22
<Nyrie>does the mushroom kingdom in smb1 even cou-
<Rick_Sanchez>shouldn't it just be SMB
<Nyrie>oh ok
shoutmon is touched by your ass :(
<Tailmon>we could change it to "Super Mario Bros."
or just "SMB", whichever
<Anton{Politoed}>works for me
<Nabber>i think we should keep it as is
<Anton{Politoed}>is there anything else
<Nabber>otherwise it could be confused with the smb series
<Nyrie>honestly i think that the mushroom kingdom in smb isn't really much of a setting
there's nothing connecting any of the levels
but i'm nitpicking i guess
<turb>i think this is fine as is
i mean, idk
how likely is nabber's thing
<Anton{Politoed}>"Super Mario" seems to be the series title
according to the wiki
so Super Mario Bros. is fine
<turb>we have mushroom kingdom (paper mario) so i guess that implies it doesnt mean its the entire series on that nominee
on the other nominee
idk i forgot wher ei was going with this
<Anton{Politoed}>i get what you mean
<Nabber>well super mario bros could still refer to
the SMB series, as in the platformers
<shoutmon>mushroom kingdom (super mario bros (the game (not the series)))"
<Nyrie>so we're not removing it, am i correct there
<shoutmon>can be the new title
<turb>i don't think anyone wants to remove it
<turb>think we already debated its inclusion anywy
<Nyrie>oh ok
<Tailmon>removing it is a bad idea
<Rick_Sanchez>is this about general locations or
<turb>its about the entire setting of each game
<turb>more specific locations are in things like favorite rpg location
<Rick_Sanchez>isn't rogueport like
<turb>which, that exists, i think
<Rick_Sanchez>one town
<turb>they never say what the world of ttyd is called overall thouhg
<Anton{Politoed}>aren't there more things within rogueport that makes it a thing viable for this award
<turb>its not part of the mushroom kingdom
<Anton{Politoed}>idk i'm completely talking out of my ass
<Tailmon>i think rougeport is viable
<turb>rogueport is the closest thing you can get to it i think
<Nyrie>what defines this award
<Nyrie>is it more like favorite game setting
because if so, shouldn't we change the name to that
<Rick_Sanchez>you could still call it ttyd world like it's done with smrpg world
rogueport is p much the hub world of ttyd
<turb>or wait maybe it was worst rpg area not best
<turb>also idk i dont really mind either way
<shoutmon>i agree that "rogueport" is not really a viable nominee if this is ffavorite game settings
<Rick_Sanchez>rogueport IS part of the mushroom kingdom
i just checked
<Nyrie>[09:02:50] shoutmon i agree that "rogueport" is not really a viable nominee if this is ffavorite game settings
comet observatory too
i think
<turb>did we ever confirm this as favorite game settings
<Tailmon>i don't think we did
<Anton{Politoed}>not that I'm seeing
this seems to be a vague award
<turb>like i know we did something like that for worst setting
but this award was never touched upon iirc
it's just here
<Tailmon>we could change it into a favorite setting
<Nabber>not many people are really going to look at the award and think "rogueport is part of the mushroom kingdom, so i'll just vote mushroom kingdom"
if they really like rogueport they'll vote for rogueport
<Rick_Sanchez>well nabber we still need to be as accurate as possible
and like
<Tailmon>and then change things like "Rogueport" into "Rogueport +surrounding areas" or some shit
<Rick_Sanchez>that's not even the main issue
<Nabber>yeah that sounds likea good idea
even if it IS part of the mushroom kingdom, it was mentionned twice with its corresponding games so that's not a problem
<Anton{Politoed}>do we need to change it
<Rick_Sanchez> Tailmon and then change things like "Rogueport" into "Rogueport +surrounding areas" or some shit
<Nyrie>do we know what defines the award
<Rick_Sanchez>we could do this
<Nyrie>does it mean like
specific places
<Anton{Politoed}>breaking down and redefining this entire award sounds like something we should've done earlier so
I'd rather not do it now unless we need to
<Tailmon>there's only like two nominees that would need to be changed ifr we made it setting i think
<Anton{Politoed}>would anything have to be reworded
<Tailmon>rogueport and cosmic observatory
<turb>i still don't think anything needs to be done much beyond possibly changing rogueport to rogueport + surrounding areas
<Rick_Sanchez>it's like putting "Toad Town" instead of "Mushroom Kingdom (Paper Mario)"
<Anton{Politoed}>would there be any new nominees
<turb>what would the wording be for comet observatory
comet observatory + galaxies??
<Rick_Sanchez>anton all we have to do is really just reword the rogueport thing
<Tailmon>"Cosmic Observatory + Surrounding galaxies"
or just galaxies
<Nyrie>"Comet Observatory + Surrou-
<Rick_Sanchez>and i guess the comet thing but i never played smg so i dunno
<Nyrie>fuck off
<Anton{Politoed}>ok, that's what I'm asking
<NSY>tailmon's names is right
<turb>i don't think the surroudning thing is needed
is it comet or cosmic
<turb>wiki says comet yeah
<Tailmon>oh, i'm dumb
i misread it as cosmic lol
<Anton{Politoed}>is the award getting renamed as well
<NSY>nyrie was right all long
smasher is lame
<Tailmon>also i don't think new nominees would be needed if we changed it
<Nyrie>i think it might as well be
also yeah new nominees aren't really necessary
there's nothing incredibly obvious
<turb>don't add new nominees yeah
<Tailmon>everything else is viable and i can't think of anything obvious
<Nyrie>like literally the only thing i could think to add is the mushroom kingdom from nsmbu
and i don't think anyone wants that added
<Rick_Sanchez>we have enough nominees yeah
<Tailmon>so i don't think a name change and two nominee clarifications is a big deal
<turb>just rename it to favorite setting or something and reword those two nominees to Rogueport + Surrounding areas and Comet Observatory + Galaxies
<Nozomi_Toujou>i guess there is pillo island but... does that really count and is it anything interesting
<Tailmon>pillo island is a nominee
<Anton{Politoed}>Favorite Game Setting
<Rick_Sanchez>yeah what turb said sounds good
i can read
<Nozomi_Toujou>yes anton
<Nozomi_Toujou>good enough
<Nabber>pill loo
sounds like a place where you get drugs
<Nyrie>pi low
<Tailmon>but yeah
after those changes i think this is done
<Nyrie>According to all known laws of nomination,
<NSY>having to constantly type that word and not knowing where the apostrophe goes annoyed me throughout the hosting of dt mafia
<Anton{Politoed}>Favorite Classic Game (N64/GBC and older) (Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario Bros., Yoshi’s Island (SNES), Mario Kart 64., Yoshi’s Story, Mario Party 2, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), Wario Land 3, Donkey Kong Country 2)
no changes
why is
<Anton{Politoed}>do any of these titles need to become full or whatever
<Rick_Sanchez>wait nvm
<Meta_Knight>seems fine
<NSY>this is good
<Tailmon>dkc2 needs subtitle
<Rick_Sanchez>i thought (N64/GBC and older) was a nominee lol
<Lakituthequick>Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
<Tailmon>whatever it was
<Anton{Politoed}>Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
<NSY>Diddy's kong quest
<Nyrie>Diddy kong's quest
<Lakituthequick>Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
i think those are the only two
<Nyrie>wait is it really diddy's kong quest
<Tailmon>it is
<Anton{Politoed}>does yoshi's island need that change
<Nyrie>my entire life i thought it was diddy kong's quest
<Lakituthequick>funny, no?
<Tailmon>we changed it to that on previous awards, so
<NSY>i didnt know until recently either
<Tailmon>those are the only two that don't already have the full titles
Favorite Modern Game (GCN/GBA and newer) (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Super Mario 3D World, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Wario Land 4,
Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World)
<Tailmon>Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U
i think that's it
<Lakituthequick>Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U
<Tailmon>nintendo 3ds
i've failed
we're not done with mario awards though
*Note on E3
<turb>oh no
<Tailmon>Oh, no!
<Tailmon>e3 is dead
<Anton{Politoed}>nintendo fucked with us and they're not doing shit for mario at e3
<Tailmon>nintendo is dead
mario is dead
<Anton{Politoed}>M9 Most Anticipated Upcoming Game
is effectively dead
<turb>when are we switching to the zelda wii u awards
<Tailmon>goodbye m9
<Nabber>we could do "best game from last e3"
<Nyrie>blaze weed m9
<Nabber>or better yet
"best amiibo"
<Anton{Politoed}>and will be replaced with Favorite DLC
those are the nominees
barely any discussion happened so
discussion is now
rename those nominees to fit them and finalize this award
<Nabber>idk if we should keep World Tour as a season pass
can we just rename if World Tour DLC
<Tailmon>i mean the season pass covers all the dlc
<NSY>are we having free dlc
<Tailmon>i don't see the point of renaming it?
<Nabber>yeah but season pass doesn't really refer to the dlc itself
it just refers to a form of buying it
<Anton{Politoed}>NSY: what would the free dlc be
<Lakituthequick>"The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8"
"Animal Crossing × Mario Kart 8"
the ×'s
<NSY>im just bringing it up because *Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8 is on there
<Anton{Politoed}>those nominee titles aren't final at all
<Anton{Politoed}>they're merely the ideas
<shoutmon>i thought we already discussed free dlc and decided not to include it
<NSY>thats i thought
<Tailmon>i personally think it's fine if it's optional, even if it's free
<NSY>then i saw that
<Anton{Politoed}>what would the nominee list then be without them
<Lakituthequick>its still DLC
i think what we decided not to include was like
the stuff that was just automatically added with updates
since that's not really dlc
i could be remembering wrong though
<Gamefreak75>best amiibo is king dedede btw
<Gamefreak75>also mercedes benz should stay imo
<Tailmon>that's the only free thing on the list
<turb>id say keep mercedes benz
<Nyrie>no smm stuff
that's content updates
<Gamefreak75>would additional mario maker costumes count as well?
<Nyrie>not really dlc
<Tailmon>yeah nothing from smm counts
<Anton{Politoed}>*The Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart 8 *Animal Crossing x Mario Kart 8 *Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8 *New Super Luigi U *Coin Rush packs *Mario Golf: World Tour season pass *Peach's Castle stage (SSB) *Mario Maker stage (SSB)
<Lakituthequick>the list doesnt change
<Anton{Politoed}>daily reminder that all of this could've been discussed earlier
<Tailmon>i think that's it unless we wanted to include mario stuff from other non-mario games
<Anton{Politoed}>we decided to not do that I think
<Tailmon>that was mentioned at one point but iirc absolutely nothing resulted from it
oh ok
<Anton{Politoed}>I can't remember why but I remember my feeling was "if it gets people to move on"
do any of these need to be renamed into anything different
<Lakituthequick>the ×'s for the MK8 things
"Super Mario Maker"
<Anton{Politoed}>what about the x's
<Lakituthequick>they are times characters, not exes
<Gamefreak75>i think he says to change it to the multiplication sign
<Anton{Politoed}>do we even need the x's
<Gamefreak75>rather than the letter x
iirc thats how it was introduced
<Lakituthequick>it's the name of the packs so yes
<Gamefreak75>and thats how it is on the wiki
<Tailmon>there was nabbers concern about the season pass but tbh i'd leave it as is since that's like the best way of buying it
<Nabber>we could just call it World Tour packs
<Lakituthequick>"Season Pass"
<Anton{Politoed}>the award is for favorite dlc, and
if the Season Pass is effectively all of the other 3 or whatever dlc combined
<Tailmon>it is
<Anton{Politoed}>Season Pass sure would be my favorite
<Lakituthequick>season pass is for all three(?) dlc's righ?
<Tailmon>and i think it adds another bonus character too
Gold Mario
Just not pick
<Tailmon>Pink Gold Mario
<Anton{Politoed}>does it matter if it's season pass or Season Pass
<Lakituthequick>official name™
<Anton{Politoed}>the ssb stages i'm labeling as SSB4
instead of just SSB
<Anton{Politoed}>what are the coin rush packs for
<Tailmon>new super mario bros. 2
<Anton{Politoed}>New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush packs
sounds good
<Tailmon>they are individual but
there's like 9 of them
it isnt worth it
<NSY>there's actually 10
<Gamefreak75>nsmb2 in general isnt worth it
<Tailmon>even worse
<Anton{Politoed}>is it supposed to be × or x
<Anton{Politoed}>you weren't really clear on it
Favorite DLC (The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing × Mario Kart 8, Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8, New Super Luigi U, New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush packs, Mario Golf: World Tour Season Pass, Peach's Castle stage (SSB4), Super Mario Maker stage (SSB4))
is that all peachy
<Tailmon>we did it
<turb>looks good
<DragonFreak>as peachy as princess peach :)
<Lakituthequick>all apples
<turb>sorry for barely saying shit i have like
negative knowledge on the dlc
<Meta_Knight>seems fine
<Uniju>is it time for tournaments
<Anton{Politoed}>I don't really have a whole lot to say for tournaments so we can maybe get a few Fail ones out of the way first
Worst Character (Mario, Daisy, Waluigi, Wario, Petey Piranha, Birdo, Mimi, Starlow, Lubba, Peach, Bowser Jr., Toad, Fawful, Pink Gold Peach, Baby Rosalina, Kersti, Rosalina)
<Tailmon>Princess Peach
<Anton{Politoed}>Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, etc.
<Tailmon>i think those are the only two
Worst 2D Level (The Very Long Cave (YI), Tubular (SMW), World 8-3 (SMB), 6-Secret (YI), World 9-7 (NSMBW), Lakitu's Wall (YI), Minecart Madness (DKC), World 8-Castle (SMB3), Stampede Sprint (DKC3), World 8-1 (SMB), World 4-2 (SMB2), World 7-8 SMB3, The Big Board (WL4), World 9-8 (NSMBU), Doodle Woods (WL4), World 7-4 (SMB), World 3-5 (SMB3), World 6-4 (SMB3))
<NSY>nothing wrong here
<Anton{Politoed}>I'm content with everything abbreviated
<Lakituthequick>The Very Loooooong Cave
<Tailmon>World 7-8 SMB3
<Anton{Politoed}>missed a few () but
<Tailmon>World 7-8 (SMB3)
<SonicMario>Should YI be SMW2: YI?
<Lakituthequick>Minecart Madness doesn't exist on the wiki so
<Tailmon>if we're abbriviating things i think yi covers it enough but that's just me
<Lakituthequick>oh here
Mine Cart Madness
<shoutmon>mine cart carnage was so much worse
i think there was something with that
<shoutmon>it has two titles
<Lakituthequick>is it Ultimate Castle Challenge?
thats six extra
<shoutmon>its a different level
6 secret is endless world of yoshis/crazy maze days
<Anton{Politoed}>should it be called that then
<Lakituthequick>then that should be the name
Endless World of Yoshis
/Crazy Maze Days
<Tailmon>Endless World of Yoshis/Crazy Maze Da---
^ Listed as a regional difference between the North American and European versions of Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3.
do we do that
<Tailmon>thanks regions
<shoutmon>i dont understand why they bothered changing the title of exactly one level
<Lakituthequick>they do it all the time really
<Anton{Politoed}>they shouldn't
anyways I put both
<shoutmon>no, in yoshi's island they changed only one level
<Lakituthequick>they did
<shoutmon>every other level has the same title in all english regions
<Lakituthequick>i dont get why they do it at all
<shoutmon>although 6-e has a different title in the snes and gba versions
<Anton{Politoed}>is there anything else with this one
<Lakituthequick>melody motorway and such
<turb>i think all the titleable levels have been titled
<shoutmon>do we normally include both names for things like this btw
<turb>unless nsmbu had stuff like that
<shoutmon>i feel like we don't
<Tailmon>i can't recall a time when we have
<Lakituthequick>we dont usually
<turb>idk, i know theres at least other awards with two names on the same nominee
<Lakituthequick>should we?
<shoutmon>idk, the wiki policy is to use only the na names
<Anton{Politoed}>then which one is that
<turb>The Toxic Waterfall/Lily Pad Ride (SMS)
<shoutmon>(which i think is stupid, but)
<turb>i guess this is different, though
<shoutmon>we should probably defer to that
<Lakituthequick>toxic waterfall is not official tho
<turb>yeah that
<shoutmon>the na name is endless world of yoshis
<turb>if we want to remove crazy maze days then go ahead
people can probably just google endless world of yoshis
<Anton{Politoed}>ok gr8 I think I'm gonna stop the full review for the night then
<Lakituthequick>why google if you're already on the very wiki
<Anton{Politoed}>start up with F3 next week
uniju tournaments
<Tailmon>what wiki?
<Uniju>i am ready
<Anton{Politoed}>so anyways I guess I don't have much to say regarding tournament at this exact moment but basically saying
<Lakituthequick>something about poochy or so
<Anton{Politoed}>start planning
tournaments start at the earliest in June
end at the latest August 31st
if anyone here wants to host a tournament, start working it out
there's an unofficial list
go and start up a sign-up thread, etc.
get dates planned
rules, etc.
once you get sign-ups you should have an estimate of how many total tokens you think will be distributed
we need to try to schedule tournaments so there's always something over the summer but
not 18 of them at the same time
once the full review is over, edo, 22, and I will start doing a tryhard schedule thing
<NSY>we need to make sure token distribution is correct
Mariofan169 ( has joined #mwikiawards
<Anton{Politoed}>correct meaning..?
<Mariofan169>right on time
<Anton{Politoed}>yeah that's what we're doing
that's why we're asking hosts to do this
<Mariofan169>so what are we discussing now
<Toadbert>im here loosely
<Toadbert>is it time for tournaments
<Anton{Politoed}>uniju tb is there anything you wanted to bring up
just advertising
i guess lol
<Anton{Politoed}>oh ok
go ahead
<Toadbert>we have a lot to build but
unijus made a lovely ctf map already
ive been doing a lot of programming
<Toadbert>we do have one or two events that ltq and pyro never did
so i think it could be a real interesting experience
Nozomi_Toujou has left (Quit: bye bye)
gtr will be back again
mafia sign-ups have started
<Uniju>i did have one thing im not sure about which is exactly how to balance tokens. like, per person, how many tokens should we give out
<Anton{Politoed}>I'll be doing an art contest and have a sign-up sheet ready in like a week, which will have its work period strategically just before presentation work period
<Uniju>i already have a solution though, i'm going to do no work and let tb figure it out
<Anton{Politoed}>good idea
<Toadbert>: - )
try to refer to last years
<Toadbert>i thought itd be token amounts per event
<Anton{Politoed}>and don't do what icemario did for golf
<Toadbert>and then divvy them up between participants/winners
obviously some events are going to be more luck based than skill
so those will be worth little to nothing
<Uniju>yeah let's be honest
<Anton{Politoed}>pokemon, smash, gtr, mafia
<Uniju>sheep derby is going to deserve a lot more points than house building
<Anton{Politoed}>all seem like good examples
<Uniju>it's the more respectable sport
<Packy>i did good :)
<Anton{Politoed}>it's hard to really say exactly how much until we like
start doing it
and see what happens
<Toadbert>well uniju
since spleef will be one of the few things we can compete in
we're going to have to make winning that worth like half of our token stock
<Anton{Politoed}>tbh token rates don't even need to be figured out until the end of the individual tournament
<Uniju>good point
<Anton{Politoed}>the art contest I felt was good but
it looks really skewed
I guess I'll try to tweak it
<Uniju>speaking of which
<Toadbert>are you going to change anything in that
<Uniju>are we even going to get any contestants if we do redstone building with neither of us competing
<Anton{Politoed}>there were 3 skill categories and the higher the category the more base tokens you got
<Toadbert>same three categories to sign up for?
<Anton{Politoed}>I guess so tb
I'll probably figure it out in the sign-ups
<Toadbert>uniju: uhhhhhh
thats a good question
<turb>ill build a rollercoaster
<Toadbert>idk i dont see why we couldnt enter
and then put voting up to everyone
<Anton{Politoed}>groden said he could host pokken since it's basically the same fucking thing as ssb
<Uniju>i have a better idea
<Anton{Politoed}>splatoon, smm, and mk8 are things without host ideas yet
<Toadbert>all the time we spend making this will basically be a months worth of preparation so maybe not
<Uniju>i'm going to be hosting a redstone class at my house. everyone come learn how to build computers if you want to get tokens in the redstone contest
<DragonFreak>ok i'll be there
<Anton{Politoed}>also I guess that's all I have to say for tournaments with this being the final word for now
scheduling will be strict
with how late things got last year I literally
did not have more than a fucking week between the end of 2015 awards and the start of 2016 awards
<Nyrie>wait is ltq not hosting the mk8 thing
<Anton{Politoed}>cut-off us august 31st
<Anton{Politoed}>if a tournament goes over it
no tokens
if a tournament breaks from its schedule
no tokens
<Lakituthequick>havent officially stepped up but im interested yes
<Uniju>how much is there that risks going over other than mafia
<Nyrie>well i might do it
<Anton{Politoed}>plz plan how you're hosting this so it doesn't cause me 80000 levels of stress
<NSY>i could step in if ltq doesnt host
<Anton{Politoed}>well uniju last year like
half of the host went inactive
and came back
and then went inactive again
or weren't active at all
Anton{Politoed} sits on packy
<Anton{Politoed}>taking their 2 weeks tournament and making it last 4 months
I'd rather not deal with that again
<Uniju>good thing i have no life
minecraft will be efficient and concise
<Nyrie>if nobody else wants to host mk8 i'd like to
<Anton{Politoed}>thx uniju
and ok nyrie
<NSY>nyrie do you mind co hosting?
<Toadbert>theres a chance i could miss the entire thing
<Nyrie>i mean
<Toadbert>but uniju and most likely turb will be able to handle it all if that happens
<Nyrie>i'd rather either host it or play
<Uniju>that's why i'm making you do all the prep work to make up for it
<Toadbert>i just need to leave documentation as to what all my command blocks do
<Anton{Politoed}>last thing being just a note on the dossiers
<turb>am i an official backup host
<Nyrie>if you want to host then i'm fine with just playing
<NSY>then it will reduce chances of inactivity
<Toadbert>well turb you've been involved more than anyone else
Packy is sat on
<turb>yeah i guess
<Anton{Politoed}>I have no idea if anyone who's working on the shroom dossier is actually even here right now
<Lakituthequick>i'll see about it Nyrie
<turb>even if ive just been idling on the server
<Anton{Politoed}>but the user awards dossier is coming along well enough
<NSY>it depends if ltq does it
<Toadbert>i used your limp body to test spleef
<NSY>he should be first choice
<turb>in the staff board it looks like just tucky is working on it
but maybe other stuff is happening somewhere
<Nyrie>i probably won't be co-hosting anything though
<Anton{Politoed}>there's that
everything in yellow is unfinished or just needs to be checked over
if there's absolutely anything that needs to be done, added, changed, corrected
let me know
PM or post it in the user awards general discussion
I shat a PM to everyone about their artwork earlier'Shroom:Issue_XCIX/Userpedia_Awards_Dossier
if you want anything changed from how it looked there
there's also the debate on whether it should be bullet or paragraph form
so if anyone's ass is in a twist hard enough to yell at me again for it and blame the results entirely on the fact that bullets were used
let me know
because my preference is bullets and that's how I'll be writing it until someone tells me they're mad
Packy yells at anton again for it and blames the results entirely on the fact that bullets were used
Tailmon shoots packy with a bullet
<Anton{Politoed}>but yeah I think that's everything I had to say regarding those topics
is there anything else anyone else wants to say
next week we're continuing the full review with f3
tournament threads will be popping up in the public boards
I think that means the meeting is done
we did it