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Topic for #mwikiawards is ``"An Excellent Meeting" - Chef Excellence, 2015 || Awards are canceled, I have a hair appointment the day of the ceremony and I can't miss it, soz || 1st meeting hype || Links || Number of meetings survived: 400''
Topic for #mwikiawards was set by shoutmon! on zondag 8 mei 2016 4:02:39
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im here
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<Freakworld>im dead
<shoutmon>me too
also im leading the meeting today because anton is at work and gabumon is in bed
<Uniju>have fun
<shoutmon>i probably wont, ive never done this before
i foresee a lot of crying and gnashing of teeth
<The_Pyro_Guy>may as well say that I may not be able to make the whole meeting
<Lakituthequick>if in the end nothing has burned down you can say it went well enough
<The_Pyro_Guy>I feel like I could fall asleep any moment
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<shoutmon>unfortunately i've already started a huge fire
<Lakituthequick>good start
<Roy_Koopa>gj 22
<The_Pyro_Guy>I can probably stay for an hour once the meeting starts
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by my clock
its meeting time
welcome etc
we're continuing full review today
starting with f3
<shoutmon>Worst 3D Level (Corona Mountain (SMS), The Toxic Waterfall/Lily Pad Ride (SMS), Pachinko/Pinball Secret (SMS), Stone Cyclone Galaxy (SMG2), Wing Mario over the Rainbow (SM64), Sling Pod Galaxy (SMG), Rainbow Ride (SM64), Twisty Trials Galaxy (SMG2), Special 8-3 (SM3DL), Rolling Gizmo Galaxy (SMG), Boss Blitz Galaxy (SMG2), Goldleaf Galaxy (SMG), Bubble Breeze Galaxy (SMG), World 1-1
(SM3DL), World 8-6 (SM3DL), Rainbow Run (SM3DW), Broken Blue Bully Belt (SM3DW), Fuzzy Time Mine (SM3DW))
so this award is entirely new this year
<Freakworld>Gold Leaf Galaxy
not Goldleaf
<Lakituthequick>Pachinko Game
<Freakworld>Wing Mario Over the Rainbow
capital O
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<shoutmon>is "Pachinko Game" an official name?
<Mariofan169>having the trial galaxies seems a bit off to me
<shoutmon>i didnt think that level had a name
<Roy_Koopa>I don't think so
<Roy_Koopa>it's a fanmade name
<Lakituthequick>^ Super Mario Sunshine Official Nintendo Player's Guide, page 28.
<shoutmon>well ok
<Freakworld>every thing else seems okay to me
spelling wise etc
<Mariofan169>people calling them bad just because they're hard is silly imo, they're supposed to be hard
and yet not unfair
<Gamefreak75>are you saying the toxic waterfall is not garbage
<shoutmon>since the trial galaxies were added via the same poll as everything else i'm not really interested in removing them
<Roy_Koopa>the perfect run should be on there
<Freakworld>tbh im against adding anything else
<shoutmon>the perfect run is not a level
<Tailmon>i have that sunshine guide
<Uniju>i liked the toxic waterfall honestly but i dont think it should be removed from this award
<Roy_Koopa>oh duh
<Freakworld>we talked about this in depth when we made this award iirc
<Roy_Koopa>that's a mission
<shoutmon>"grandmaster galaxy" is the name of the level, and it did not make the cut
really, the contents of this award aren't up for debate right now
<Roy_Koopa>ah ok
<shoutmon>we'll see how it does and refine the nominees next year
or, you know, someone will
no other objections to the way it is now?
<Roy_Koopa>I'm having sorta a hard time paying attention rn because of mario party 4
<Tailmon>i can confirm that the guide calls it Pachinko Game
<Roy_Koopa>I only wanted to drop in because I had one question
<Tailmon>i am fine with this award
<shoutmon>ok what is your question
<Freakworld>i am fine with this award if we consider gold leaf and wmotr
being spelled correctly
<shoutmon>i changed both of those
<Freakworld>or at least according to their listing on mariowiki
k good
i think you can see it in real time here
it should be public, anyway
<Lakituthequick>where's come "toxic waterwall" comef rom actually?
<turb>oh sorry i kind of overslept
<Lakituthequick>i know that
<Freakworld>its the name of the shine i think
<shoutmon>if you mean that specific phrasing
<turb>it was a fanmade name decided by the committee in earlier years iirc
<Gamefreak75>good morning turb how was your nap
<shoutmon>it's just a popular name for it that we're keeping so more people know what it's about
<turb>and then there was a wiki article on it so we put that name on it too
and it was ok
<shoutmon>there are several lily pad rides in the game
<Freakworld>tbf i played sms with german names so
and i forgot what they called that
moving on to f4
Worst RPG Area (Bowser's Keep (SMRPG), Tubba Blubba's Castle (PM), Dry Dry Desert (PM), Flower Fields (PM), Fahr Outpost (PM:TTYD), Twilight Trail (PM:TTYD), Merlee's Mansion (SPM), Sammer's Kingdom (SPM), The Overthere (SPM), Long Fall Falls (PM:SS), Sandshifter Ruins (PM:SS), Drybake Stadium (PM:SS), Teehee Valley (M&L:SS), Joke's End (M&L:SS), Oho Ocean (M&L:SS), Shroob Castle
(M&L:PiT), Toad Town (M&L:PiT), Dreamy Mount Pajama (M&L:DT)
<Lakituthequick>toxic ride isn't refered to as such in the wiki itself afaik
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it's been moved
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<Freakworld>okay so were not adding the level names as in 5-3 or 4-2 or whatever to pmss levels right
<shoutmon>do the official names have the numbers in them?
<Freakworld>no idea
<Gamefreak75>i think so
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<turb>ltq its nto rly an issue
we have both the wiki name and the fan name on the award
anyway i do think that there's level numbers in the pmss names but
i'd have to doublecheck
<Freakworld>the wiki refers to them only by level names
<Gamefreak75>freakworld open up sticker star
<Freakworld>the world map also includes the 5-3
<Gamefreak75>revisit it
<Freakworld>ill open my lp lol
<turb>i was thinking of the world map
<Gamefreak75>i think it's like World #-# :LEVEL NAME
thats what i recall too
<Gamefreak75>im fine with putting #-#:LEVEL NAME
if others care enough
<Tailmon>are the numbers really needed
<turb>honestly i don't think anyone cares about the numbers
<Gamefreak75>probably not
i wont care either way
<turb>is there anyone who's going to recognize the numbers but not the level name
tbh im fine with only the names
i was just asking
<Tailmon>i highly doubt it turb
<Lakituthequick>just name is good
<shoutmon>if the consensus is that they're unnecessary
<Lakituthequick>doing that everywhere else
<Gamefreak75>yeah i think theyre fine as is
<shoutmon>is there anything else we should do with this?
<Freakworld>the spelling seemed fine
<Lakituthequick>all names are otherwise good
<Tailmon>if they have official names the numbers aren't needed and they would look kind of weird compared to everything else tbh
<Freakworld>okay everythig fine
carry on
<Lakituthequick>name and number are clearly speratye on that screenshot
<Tailmon>so yeah this award is good
Worst Level Concept (Ice Levels, Water Levels, Autoscrolling Levels, Ghost Houses, Rolling Ball Galaxies, Purple Coin Levels, SMS “Secret of _” Levels, SMS Red Coin Missions, Galaxy’s Surfing Levels, Automatic Levels (Mario Maker), Restrictively Low Timers)
<Freakworld>>Worst Level Concept
>Including Level in almost all of the entires
<Mariofan169>what do you prefer?
<shoutmon>galaxy surfing levels should probably be changed to surfing galaxies
<The_Pyro_Guy>shouldn't it be '"secret of" levels (SMS'
<shoutmon>so i'm going to do that
<Freakworld>okay honestly this isnt too big of a problem but id prefer if we just cut the levels out of stuff like ice levels
<SonicMario>I assume just remove Level from the titles. Ice, Water, Autoscrolling, etc.
<Tailmon>let's put level in all of the names
<Freakworld>or that
<SonicMario>That's what Freak is saying I think
<Toadbert>shit i forgot
<Nyrie>automatic level levels
<Freakworld>im just perfectionist
<Toadbert>anyway im here now
<Freakworld>blame my ocd not me
or my mcd
<Tailmon>idk i don't know how i feel about it just saying "ice"
<shoutmon>i think that's fine but will just "automatic (mario maker)" be clear?
<The_Pyro_Guy>and "red coin missions (SMS)"
<Lakituthequick>the 'level's don't bother me that much
<Freakworld>automatic scrolling (mario maker)
<SonicMario>Automatic Levels might be fine still
<Tailmon>i don't know if they'd really be clear
<Lakituthequick>SMS things can have SMS in parantheses after it
<Roy_Koopa>smm automatic levels could work imo
<shoutmon>it's not automatic scrolling though
in smm
thats what you mean
<shoutmon>its automatic play
<SonicMario>Unless you want to rename it like "Don't Move" to make it more clear
Or add it as a subtitle
<shoutmon>should we vote about removing 'level'
<Tailmon>i think keeping level in them is ok myself, i personally think it'd be clearly that way
<Tailmon>maybe we should vote yeah
<shoutmon>remove 'level' from nominees? yna
goodbye freakworld
<shoutmon>well, rip in peace
<shoutmon>Worst Level Concept (Ice Levels, Water Levels, Autoscrolling Levels, Ghost Houses, Rolling Ball Galaxies, Purple Coin Levels, “Secret of _” Levels (SMS), Red Coin Missions (SMS), Surfing Galaxies, Automatic Levels (SMM), Restrictively Low Timers)
that's what i have now
anything else to change?
<Lakituthequick>seems good
<Tailmon>its fine
<shoutmon>moving on
Worst Spin-off ( Dr. Mario 64, Mario Pinball Land, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Mario Party 9, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Party Advance, Mario Party 10, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Mario Kart Arcade GP games)
<Lakituthequick>Mario Kart: Super Circuit
yeah that
were not capitalizing games?
<Freakworld>looks weird but maybe thats just my german kicking in
where all nouns are capitalized
<shoutmon>it was probably done because "games" isn't part of the title of the series but most of the rest of these have been in title case
<Lakituthequick>it's your inner german i think
<Freakworld>makes sense
<The_Pyro_Guy>well games isn't part of the title, so iirc it shouldn't be capitalizdd
<Freakworld>dont mind me then
im saying youre right
look at the previous award
"ghost houses" isnt a title either
its still capitalised
<Lakituthequick>makes me think about the last award too
Levels is with captial L
<shoutmon>if we dont capitalise this we'll have to go back and change every award
itll be a big pain in the ass
<Freakworld>>mfw the caps
<Toadbert>nevermind will be gone
<Freakworld>THE CAPS
told ya the caps will kill us all one day
<Tailmon>ok then capitalize it
<shoutmon>so yeah im changing it
<Lakituthequick>other names appear to be correct.
moving on?
<Freakworld>mario kart super circuit is just called Mario Kart Advance in japan
also yes move on
Worst Enemy (Lakitu, Big Bertha, Wizzerd, Bandit, Rocky Wrench, Blooper, Cursya, Goomba, Hammer Bros, Parabones, Fang, Grinder/Ukiki, Fuzzy)
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<Freakworld>Hammer Bros. ?
<Lakituthequick>we did domething with hammer bros earlier
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<Freakworld>or are we not doing the .
<shoutmon>but all the others are singular
<Roy_Koopa>sorry connection dropped
<shoutmon>shouldnt it be hammer bro
<Freakworld>Hammer Bro then
<Lakituthequick>F14 uses Hammer Bros.
<Tailmon>maybe just change it to Bro
what's f14
<shoutmon>f14 is worst setting?
<Tailmon>worst setting: hammer bros.
<Freakworld>but parabones is plural t- *shot*
<shoutmon>parabones isnt plural
<Lakituthequick>M14 usus plurals
<shoutmon>doesnt matter
<shoutmon>its a singular noun derived from a plural
<Lakituthequick>for consistency we should probably use plurals here too?
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<Freakworld>thats why i implied arcasm
<shoutmon>does anyone dispute pluralising these
<Chiaki_Nanami>Hi. I apologise for not stating this earlier but I don't know if my eyes can stay open for much longer. I thought nothing would stop me from attending this meeting but I suddenly got very tired. x_X
<SonicMario>sarcasm from an arcanine?
<shoutmon>ok theyre plural now
hello pidgey
its ok
<shoutmon>go to sleep, we dont need you to die for us
<Chiaki_Nanami>Okay, that's very good to hear.
<NSY>also im suffering from exact same thing as pi
<Tailmon>sleep about the meeting
<Lakituthequick>all names are correct
<shoutmon>is f7 now satisfactory?
<NSY>which is why ive posted like nothing
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<Tailmon>its fine
<Freakworld>every time i read f7 now i feel very satisfied
<shoutmon>f8 now
Worst Mario Kart Course (Choco Mountain, Sky Garden, Shy Guy Beach, Rainbow Road (SNES), Yoshi Falls, Grumble Volcano, Sherbet Land (N64), Koopa Beach 2, Banshee Boardwalk, Maple Treeway, Maka Wuhu, Rosalina’s Ice World, Rainbow Road (Wii), Dolphin Shoals, Bone-Dry Dunes)
<Meta_Knight>which choco mountain is this
<turb>are there multiple ones
<NSY>Should we put the PAL name onto Maka Wuhu
<Lakituthequick>the only one
<Freakworld>theres multiple???
<turb>i thought there was just the one on n64
<shoutmon>theres a choco mountain other than n64?
<turb>are you thinking of choco island
<Tailmon>there's only a n64 choco mountain...?
<Meta_Knight>they're really similar in names
<Freakworld>theres multiple sherbet lands but not choco mountain
<The_Pyro_Guy>is it worth it putting the original game in parenthesis for each course
<Freakworld>would get too confusing with retros
<The_Pyro_Guy>thought not
<shoutmon>20:29:10 @NSY | Should we put the PAL name onto Maka Wuhu
<Tailmon>just for the three with multiple courses with the same name
<shoutmon>regarding this
does anyone know if we've done this previously
<Freakworld>also that
<SonicMario>Unless the DS version of Choco Mountain is that significantly different (I believe it was in MKDS too) but I don't think it was
<Lakituthequick>it isnt
<Lakituthequick>also i think we dont
<shoutmon>i know we haven't done that before
we only put up endless world of yoshies on f2
its pal title was crazy maze days
<Freakworld>dont remember seeing non american names for anything anywhere
<shoutmon>we shouldn't add the pal title here either, i guess
<Freakworld>unless things dont have an american english name
<Freakworld>i mean we could also put french names for everything
<Lakituthequick>all course names are correct
<shoutmon>so we see any other problems
<The_Pyro_Guy>I don't think so
<Lakituthequick>even Bone-Dry Dunes somehow
f9 then
Worst Direction of Series (Mario vs Donkey Kong, Paper Mario, amiibo-centric/focused games, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, New Super Mario Bros., Mario 3D games, WarioWare, Yoshi)
<NSY>yh i see your point 22
<Lakituthequick>Mario vs. Donkey Kong
<shoutmon>im changing the amiibo one to be capital
<Tailmon>Mario vs. Donkey Kong
in Mario 3D Games
<Tailmon>i feel like we left that uncapitalized on purpose
<Lakituthequick>amiibo is not capitalized by default
thats just how that is supposed to be spelled
<Tailmon>because that's how it's stylized by default
<shoutmon>but we've capitalised improper nouns before
<Freakworld>something in amiibocentric focused games has to be capitalized though
<Tailmon>just "amiibo"
<Freakworld>it looks ugly
<shoutmon>would you capitalise amiibo at the beginning of a sentence?
<The_Pyro_Guy>Nintendo don't
<Tailmon>tbh probably not
amiibo is a brand of "Toys to Life" products[1] [...]
<shoutmon>wow this is a gross violation of grammar
not grammar
<Tailmon>blame nintendo
<shoutmon>either way it's annoying
but OK
anything else?
<shoutmon>ok, f10
Worst Game Mechanic (Dimension Flip (Super Paper Mario), Star Bits (Super Mario Galaxy & 2), Camera (3D Mario games), Vibes (Super Princess Peach), Joystick Twirling (Mario Party 1), Limited Inventory (Paper Mario & Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door), Stickers (PMSS), Button Mashing (Mario Party), Gyroscope Controls (Nintendo 3DS), Vehicles (Mario Party 9-10), Extra Life system)
these abbreviations are all fucked up
the game names i mean
<Lakituthequick>Dimension Flip is called just Flip on the wiki
with a redirect
<Tailmon>Paper Mario: Sticker Star, since everything else is spelled out
<Freakworld>Also I /think/
its called Dimensional Flip ingame
although im not sure
<The_Pyro_Guy>should the all games be put in acronyms or all be spelt out
<shoutmon>but we've had abbreviated titles before?
haven't we
<Freakworld>also stuff has to be capitalized again
<shoutmon>maybe we should vote about this actually
<The_Pyro_Guy>we've been abbreviating for the last few awards
<Tailmon>maybe we should shorten some of the longer titles then
<Freakworld>is that the only non abbreviated one?
<Lakituthequick>all or nothing imo
<Freakworld>then dont abbreviate it
what ltq said
dont mind me im tired out of my mind
<shoutmon>ok lets vote
should we abbreviate titles for disambiguation? yna
<Tailmon>i guess y
<Freakworld>why change all when we can change one
<Freakworld>switch me to a actually
not like i care lol
<shoutmon>because i'd have to go back and change every previous award that used in an abbreviation
<The_Pyro_Guy>for consistency with the other awards, Freakworld
<Tailmon>maybe sometimes changing all is better
<shoutmon>which, i'm willing to do if people prefer it
<Freakworld>okay that makes sense
<Tailmon>we already decided not to do that so
it's better to just abbreviate these
<Freakworld>im staying with a though because im not like able to make clear decisions anymore it hink
<shoutmon>ok i just wanted to make sure we're doing it this way because people prefer it, rather than just because it's traditional or whatever
did anyone figure out what flip is really called
<turb>does it actually have a different name
i thought every source referred to it as just dimension flip
<Lakituthequick>just flip according to wiki
<The_Pyro_Guy>iirc SPM just calls it Flip when being referred to
<shoutmon>i'll defer to the wiki i guess
<shoutmon>Worst Game Mechanic (Flip (SPM), Star Bits (SMG & SMG2), Camera (3D Games), Vibes (SPP), Joystick Twirling (MP), Limited Inventory (PM & PM:TTYD), Stickers (PM:SS), Button Mashing (MP), Gyroscope Controls (3DS Games), Vehicles (MP9 & MP10), Extra Life System)
how is this
<turb>looks good
<Uniju>is good
<Nyrie>maybe "flipping"
<shoutmon>where is it called flipping?
<Gamefreak75>i think she means
<Nyrie>in the game
<Gamefreak75>flipping instead of slip
oh youre asking about if the name is official
<Freakworld>source for it being dimensional
<Lakituthequick>Dimension Flip and Dimensional Technique are redirects
<shoutmon>that sounds more like a description than a name
<Freakworld>tbh im not even sure if this technique /has/ an official name
<shoutmon>i really don't have any great love for just 'flip' though
it's not especially clear
<Gamefreak75>yeah im not sure if its ever given an official name
its referred to as a bunch of things
<Nyrie>i think saying "flipping" is pretty clear
you could also add the dimensional
<Nyrie>people wouldn't get confused
<Tailmon>i'm not convinced flip is clear enough
i think it was better the way it was
Hmm...the Nintendo Power guide just calls it "Flip". Paper Jorge ( Talk·Contribs)
<shoutmon>i think i'm going to change it to "dimensional flipping" if nobody objects
<Freakworld>tbh people wouldnt care too much if we leave it at dimension flip or whatever
or that
<shoutmon>we've got a source from the game
<Nyrie>yeah sure
that works
<Nyrie>nobody would get confused about that
<Tailmon>that's fine
<turb>that's good
<Freakworld>unless that image in particular was somehow edited by edo because its from his lp
but it doesnt look like it
<shoutmon>ok, any other questions about f10?
<The_Pyro_Guy>I think that's it
<Freakworld>le french ltq
<shoutmon>Biggest Missed Opportunity (Super Mario Bros. 3 e-Reader Cards, Sony Partnership Failure, Properly Representing Trans Issues, Underproducing Amiibos, Super Mario Spikers cancellation, Mario Takes America cancellation, Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers cancellation, Failure of the Mario Artist series, Mario & Wario not being localized, Wrecking Crew '98 not being localized, Paper Mario:
Sticker Star early build, Donkey Kong Racing cancellation, Super Mario's Wacky Worlds cancellation)
also wait
isnt it amiibo
as the plural
<The_Pyro_Guy>plural of amiibo is amiibo
<Freakworld>Also more caps
<Freakworld>Cancellation 3 times, Series
<Freakworld>another 2 times at the end
<Lakituthequick>fullout is Transgender I think
<Freakworld>and Early Build probably
<Lakituthequick>i dont know if the short term flfits personally
<shoutmon>i think using 'trans' as an adjective is fine
i hear that all the time
<Nyrie>i think trans is ok
<turb>i don't think it's used inappropriately or anything
<Tailmon>trans is fine
<The_Pyro_Guy>I just dropped my iPod on the floor from tiredness, I think that's a sign that I should sleep.
<Freakworld>what time is it for you tpg
<The_Pyro_Guy>Good night everyone
<shoutmon>one thing i think we missed the first time we went over this award
<The_Pyro_Guy>1:52 AM
<Freakworld>thought you were in amierca
<The_Pyro_Guy>I'm British
<Meta_Knight>what's one thing we missed
<shoutmon>so anyway
<Freakworld>good to know
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<shoutmon>as of this january, an update to the wii u version of sma4 has brought the previously japan-only levels to the entire world
<Tailmon>oh yeah
<shoutmon>"Super Mario Bros. 3 e-Reader Cards"
referred to those levels
so i'm not sure whether it's still appropriate
<Freakworld>oh really
<Lakituthequick>just to confirm, e-Reader is spelled differently just about everywhere ("eReader", "e-reader", etc)
<Freakworld>that happened?
<Lakituthequick>is it correct herer
<Freakworld>wow i didnt hear about that
<turb>is it still valid in some sense?
<Freakworld>i should get the wii u version of sma4 now
<shoutmon>the e-reader functionality of sma4 also included some
<turb>i mean i guess that there was a missed opportunity in keeping them away from other markets for like 10 years
that change gameplay in minor ways
like adding smb2 style grass to the main game
those aren't accessible on the wii u
<Freakworld>who cares
<shoutmon>nor can you use the boomerang and cape outside of world-e
<Freakworld>i just care for those levels
<SonicMario>And remakes of the levels probably exist in Mario Maker somewhere. Though the thing is it still being restricted to the e-Reader is still kinda bad enough to warrant being there. Cause the e-reader itself didn't do too well if I remember correctly
<Freakworld>i tried to search for them on youtube years ago and nobody had footage
<shoutmon>no sm
it's not restricted to the e-reader anymore
<shoutmon>the wiiu version gives the extra levels to all users for no extra charge
<Tailmon>i wouldn't be opposed to removing it
<Freakworld>oh god has this only been an hour
my brain is killing me rn sorry
<Freakworld>trying to keep it up
<Tailmon>i doubt anyone cares too much about the minor functions
<shoutmon>lets vote on removing this nominee
<Tailmon>the main things it was referring to are now playable around the world
<shoutmon>remove "Super Mario Bros. 3 e-Reader Cards" from f...whatever this one is? yna
<shoutmon>im sensing some apathy
<Gamefreak75>to be fair, cant the same be said about underproducing amiibo
as in nintendo has stopped the bullshit of not producing enough
to the point thats theres regularly sales on them
<shoutmon>i dunno, i'm not familiar with amiibo tbh
<Tailmon>i haven't paid much attention to the amiibo
<turb>i thought they switched to amiibo cards or something
<Gamefreak75>i dont think anyone besides me in this chat is
<Meta_Knight>i'm not familiar with e-reader cards
<shoutmon>anyway its looking like people don't want to remove it so that's fine
<Gamefreak75>they didnt
thats animal crossing only
for the villagers
<Meta_Knight>also i've noticed a lot of amiibo restocks and stuff too
<Tailmon>i feel so alone
<Gamefreak75>theyre still making statuettes
<Uniju>probably because underproducing them was a short term plan to produce a lot of artificial demand
<Lakituthequick>the name for the cards is Super Mario Bros. 3 e-Cards btw
<Meta_Knight>things like fox are now common
<Tailmon>if they're not underproducing them anymore maybe we could consider voting that one
<Lakituthequick>Super Mario Advance 4: can be prifixed
<Freakworld>ugh no sorry i think im too tired to be productive rn
<Tailmon>sorry i can't type coherently, voting to remove that one*
<Freakworld>good night everyone
<shoutmon>remove "Underproducing amiibo" from this award? yna
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<Lakituthequick>if they dont do that anymore
then y
<turb>idk i can switch to y or a if needed
<Tailmon>a, i don't actually keep up with amiibo enough to know i just thought it might be a good idea to vote
<Uniju>change to y
<SonicMario>It's kinda a complicated situation because it's a different case depending on which amiibos you want and which region you're in. Some amiibo that are rare in the US are plentiful in Europe or Japan for example
<Lakituthequick>but overall?
<Tailmon>oh really
<Lakituthequick>it's 2-1-1 now correct?
i'm not sure we shoudl actually be modifying the nominees with this uh
<Lakituthequick>imagine the senate being elected that way
<shoutmon>lack of quorum i guess
<turb>yeah i feel that way too
<Tailmon>yeah probably not
<turb>honestly i'd prefer not changing it because of what sm said but
<shoutmon>i'm going to make a topic about this after the meeting, so we can get the whole committee in on it
<shoutmon>and probably the sma4 thing too
<Tailmon>only four votes isn't enough when they're all divided
<shoutmon>because that was a really narrow margin too
<Tailmon>yeah good idea
<Lakituthequick>theres 17 people in this room even
some afk
Mode #mwikiawards +o Gamefreak75 by ChanServ
<shoutmon>so beyond that
<Gamefreak75>had to go do something
<shoutmon>are there any considerations for this award
moving on to f12
Worst Game Objective (Boshi Race (SMRPG), Yoshi Eggs (SMA), Blue Coins (SMS), Rabbits (SM64DS), Pit of 100 Trials (SPM), Piccolo (SPM), Duel of 100 (SPM), World 9 (NSMBW), Letters (PM1), One Million Coins (NSMB2), Green Stars (SMG2), Completing every level with every character (SM3DW), Star/Moon Coin Challenges (Mario Golf: World Tour), General White chase (PMTTYD))
<Lakituthequick>Pit of 100 Trials can refer to Flipside Pit of 100 Trials and Flopside Pit of 100 Trials
<Tailmon>shorten golf
<Lakituthequick>Letters (PM)
<Tailmon>General White Chase
do we capitalize the entire sm3dw nominee lol
<Lakituthequick>Also (and this applies to more awards really) isn't SMRPG spelled SMRPG:LOTSS in full
<shoutmon>i guess?
<turb>yeah but tbh i dont really think we need to add lotss
<Gamefreak75>ltq do we really need such an obnoxious name though
<turb>thats kind of ridiculous
<Tailmon>lotss of letters
<Gamefreak75>dammit smasher
<Tailmon>yeah that's irritating to look at
<Lakituthequick>its the full short name
<SonicMario>LOTSS of letters :V
Roy_Koopa is now known as Roy_KoopAFK
<Lakituthequick>bad dum tss
<Gamefreak75>tbf SMRPG only refers to one game
<shoutmon>lets abbreviate the abbreviation and call it s:l
<Lakituthequick>or do that
<Gamefreak75>whereas theres 8+mario karts, 5 paper marios, etc
<shoutmon>no that was a joke
<Lakituthequick>i know
<Tailmon>i don't think lotss is needed
<turb>do it
<shoutmon>ok anyway
<Tailmon>it's obvious which game smrpg refers to and it looks less stupid
<shoutmon>any other concerns?
<Gamefreak75>also why isnt ttyd in the pit of 100 trials
just spm
ttyds was much more tedious imo
<Uniju>because only spm's was bad
<Tailmon> Lakituthequick Pit of 100 Trials can refer to Flipside Pit of 100 Trials and Flopside Pit of 100 Trials
<turb>i dont know what the deal with the pit of 100 trials thing is
if it's supopsed to be flipside or flopside
<shoutmon>yyyyyyeah spm's pit was objectively worse
<turb>i assume flopside because you had to do it twice
<Gamefreak75>if anything flopside should be it
<shoutmon>having to do the exact same content twice for no reason is ridiculous
<Gamefreak75>thats flopside
you only needed to do flipside once
<Tailmon>make it flopside
<Gamefreak75>unless theyre all condensed into one for some reason
<Tailmon>that sounds horrifying
<shoutmon>does anyone object to specifying flopside?
<Uniju>i think it's important to remember that ALL of spm was bad, not just flopside, but
<shoutmon>any other problems with this one?
<turb>not that i can see
is General White Chase supposed to actually be titled like that
re: what smasher said
it looks better with lower-case chase
<SonicMario>There's no official title for the general white thing I don't think
<shoutmon>i'm just trying to keep it consistent
<Tailmon>idk i thought we were just doing it with everything else
<shoutmon>previous awards have had the entire nominees in title case
<Tailmon>i actually agree that chase looks better lower-case
otherwise it looks like his name is white chase
<shoutmon>if we change this we're going to have to change previous awards
<Tailmon>would changing it to "Chasing General White" be acceptable
<Lakituthequick>it would
<shoutmon>i... wouldnt oppose it
<turb>im fine with that
<Uniju>seems good
<Lakituthequick>would beat the capital discussion
<shoutmon>im wondering now if we shouldnt bring this capitalisation thing before the whole committee though
<Tailmon>in general i'm fine with keeping them all caps
it just looked bad in that one particular case
anything else?
<Lakituthequick>dont think so
<shoutmon>great, lets look at f13
Worst Mario Party Minigame (Tug o' War, Bash n' Cash, Flip the Chimp, Crane Game, Day at the Races, Bowser's Big Blast, MPIQ, The Beat Goes On, Game Guy Room, Pipe Maze, Right Oar Left, Hot Rope Jump, Cheep Cheep Chance, Piranha’s Pursuit, Skateboard Scamper, Cast Aways, Bob-omb Combo, Cheep Cheep Check)
<Lakituthequick>Bash 'n' Cash
BOWSER's Big Blast
Right Oar Left?
<shoutmon>this one's brand new
<Gamefreak75>is BOWSER necessary?
Roy_KoopAFK is now known as Roy_Koopa
<turb>is it??
<shoutmon>man why the hell did they title it like that's_Big_Blast
<shoutmon>well anyway
anything else?
<Tailmon>change every single letter in every award into a capital letter
except for the word "amiibo"
shoutmon is now known as SHOUTMON
<SHOUTMON>is this good enough
<SonicMario>Smasher: And the awards will now be done in voice. So we yell the whole thing
<Gamefreak75>i think this award is fine now
<SHOUTMON>f14 then
Worst Setting (Subcon (SMB2), Starship Mario + galaxies (SMG2), Mushroom Kingdom (SM3DL), Sprixie Kingdom (SM3DW), Flip-/Flopside + dimensions (SPM), Mushroom Kingdom (M&L:PiT), Pi'illo Island (M&L:DT), Party Cube (MP4), Star Carnival (MP8), Shroom City (MPA), Party Islands (MP:IT), Egg Island (YNI), Transformed Wario Castle (WW), DK Island/Crocodile Isle (DK64), The Fun Fair
+surrounding areas (MPL))
im thinking the +s should become &s
DragonFreak (chatzilla@2602:306:ccde:vwgz:yjjn:ioso:ijnk:jynz) has joined #mwikiawards
Mode #mwikiawards +o DragonFreak by ChanServ
<SHOUTMON>that's what we've used before
<Lakituthequick>DK Isles/Crocodile Isle
<Gamefreak75>wow the one time i see wario world and its for a fail award
absolutely disgusting
<Tailmon>tbf the hub in wario world is pretty bland
<SHOUTMON>anything else?
<Tailmon>other than the CAPITAL LETTERS i think it's fine
f15 then
Most Disappointing Game (formerly Worst Game) (New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Yoshi’s New Island, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Mario Party 10, Yoshi’s Island DS, Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 9, Diddy Kong Racing DS, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition, Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario
Party: Island Tour, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Party 8, Super Mario Sunshine, NSMBU/NSLU)
<Lakituthequick>Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition
New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U
<Tailmon>i still don't think smas and nsmbu are that good of choicesfor this, but oh well
<Gamefreak75>smas was a port of one game for like $50 though wasnt it
not even a good one iirc
i never bought it, so i wouldnt know
<Lakituthequick>"and includes an extra package"
<SHOUTMON>it was 4 games and a soundtrack cd
<turb>smas was multiple games in one and never advertised as more than just the snes all stars on a wii disc
and the soundtrack cd/booklet
<Lakituthequick>it has a history booklet and cd
<SHOUTMON>but we're not really here to debate the merits of nominees honestly
<turb>idk i dont think we should fuck with the nominees rn
<SHOUTMON>too few people to do that
<Lakituthequick>isnt that what the full check is for
<Tailmon>yeah i wasn't really going to do that
<Lakituthequick>ah that way
<SHOUTMON>yeah but we've got like
7 people?
<Gamefreak75>we have like 1/3 of the committee or something
<Tailmon>they were voted for anyway
<SHOUTMON>not if they're not voting
Mode #mwikiawards +o Nyrie by ChanServ
<Gamefreak75>yeah i was implying that not even half the committee showed up
<Nyrie>yeah i'm sorry i'm being generally inactive
Roy_Koopa has left #mwikiawards
<Nyrie>i'm still paying attention though
<Gamefreak75>anyways i think ltq's are fine enough
<Tailmon>i guess we can move on
<Gamefreak75>i dont see anything else
<SonicMario>Smasher: My logic for nominating SMAS back then was I certainly wouldn't want Sonic Mega Collection ported to Modern Consoles to be the Sonic 25th Anniversary game this year
<Uniju>im paying attention i just dont care much about stuff like this
<SHOUTMON>we finished fail
<Tailmon>ok, fair enough
<Gamefreak75>Sonic Shuffle 25th anniversary edition
<Nyrie>tailmon more like failmon
<DragonFreak>hooray we did it
<SHOUTMON>lets move on to user i guess
u1 is removed this year
we're having a dedication to walkazo in its place
Favorite Written Fiction (User Soup, Corruption, New Sherlock Mario, Project Aviate, Pokemon Black and White - Wiki Edition, Toadbert’s Riveting Tale of his Trip to the Grocery, Lily Troof: Ace Attorney, CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play, P-132, An Imperfect Breakfast, The Haunted Hotel, The Super Shroomy Stories, The Bad Guy Loses)
<Lakituthequick>New Sherlock Mario Series
Pokémon Black and White - Wiki Edition
<Tailmon>i like u2's music
<Lakituthequick>The Super Shroomy Stories is not on UP, checking its name on FC now
it's correct
anything else with u2?
<Tailmon>i don't think so
we probably won't have to do much with user honestly
Favorite Comic (Uniju Holiday Theatre, Brawl of the Wiki, Tales from the Moon, Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail, The Adventure For Us, Kio-Wirima, I Heard You Have A Dragon Problem?, Almond Factory, Wikiball, Space Pizzas ate Monday, The totally radically amazingly amazing adventures of anti-malware man & norton gordon, MarioWiki Saga, Mario Boards Dinosaur Comics)
<Lakituthequick>Uniju Holiday Theater
<SHOUTMON>really, its theater?
<Uniju>i think the userpedia article is theater but in the comic i usually write theatre
<Tailmon>it is
<Lakituthequick>Uniju Holiday Theater(often stylized with British-style spelling as Uniju Holiday Theatre) is a comic by Uniju about his adventures [...]
<SHOUTMON>well uniju
which do you prefer
<Tailmon>yeah let him pick its his comic
<Lakituthequick>almond and dinosaur comics aren't on up
oregon trail probably is but not in that form
<Uniju>i guess theatre since its already that anyway
<Lakituthequick>I heard you have a dragon problem (without capitals and question mark)
the ? surprises me as it has a redirect from it
<SHOUTMON>the ? is a technical limitation, isnt it
I heard you have a dragon problem (Doorverwezen vanaf I heard you have a dragon problem?)
<SHOUTMON>ok but the title card literally has a ? on it
<SHOUTMON>so i dont think it really matters what the userpedia article is called
<Tailmon>if it has a ? on the card it should probably be on the nominee yeah
<Lakituthequick>it has the ? in the first paragraph too so
i think its just a mistake
but the capitals are only present in the I
<SHOUTMON>title card says "Dragon Problem"
<Lakituthequick>'"I heard you have a dragon problem?", or Dragon Problem for short, is a comic co-authored by Mr. Edo and Walkazo.'
first sentence doesnt
<SHOUTMON>i'm going to go with the spelling from the actual work
<Lakituthequick>thread title = I heard you have a dragon problem?
<SHOUTMON>not the article about it
i'll ask gabumon about it when he wakes up
<Lakituthequick>good to me
<SHOUTMON>Favorite Comic (Uniju Holiday Theatre, Brawl of the Wiki, Tales from the Moon, Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail, The Adventure For Us, Kio-Wirima, I heard you have a Dragon Problem?, Almond Factory, Wikiball, Space Pizzas ate Monday, The totally radically amazingly amazing adventures of anti-malware man & norton gordon, MarioWiki Saga, Mario Boards Dinosaur Comics)
anything else?
<Lakituthequick>not atm no
Favorite User Design (Walkazo, Mr. Edo, Puddin, Uniju, Crocodile Dippy, Toadbert101, Master Crash, Groden, Smasher, Neptune, MrConcreteDonkey, Anton, Dragonfreak, GBAToad, NEXandGBX)
<Tailmon>im smasher
<Lakituthequick>hi smasher
<SonicMario>are you really?
<NEXandGBX>no im smasher
<Tailmon>no im actually her evil twin
<SonicMario>will the real smasher please stand up
<Nyrie>add me im well designed : ^^)
<Lakituthequick>*everyone stands up*
<Tailmon>everyone except the real smasher stands up
<turb>add me im well desig n ed lol
<SHOUTMON>so, anything else for this?
<Lakituthequick>dont think so
<turb>does neptune have anything else to his username
<turb>is it still neptune99
<Lakituthequick>he used to have 99
<Tailmon>i think he just goes by neptune now
<turb>i think this is fine then
Favorite Artist (Master Crash, Castle Toad, Mr. Edo, Super Luigi! Number one!, Neptune, Toadbert101, Smg2Daisy, Lakituthequick, Anton, Walkazo, The Pyro Guy, Niiue, Stargatedalek, MeritC)
i think some here go by multiple names actually
Castle Toad is also Aldo here and there
(this is so in multiple awards but that'll come)
which name should we use
i don't know what he's best known as
<Lakituthequick>the article mentions aldo trice in the gallery
<SHOUTMON>i feel like it's aldo
<Tailmon>i don't know either
<Lakituthequick>but its the main name in tales from the moon
<Tailmon>i think of him more as but i don't know about in general
more as aldo
<SHOUTMON>i do too
i'm inclined to go with that
does anyone object to using 'aldo'?
<SHOUTMON>anything else about this award?
<SHOUTMON>ok, u6
Favorite 2015 Awards Presentation (S1. Favorite Directing Staff - Dippy, S7. Best Use of Images - Anton, S3. Favorite Core Staff - MCD, S5. Favorite Veteran Writer - SMB, S2. Favorite Team - Mr. Edo, U1. Favorite Retired User - tb + tfp , U3. Favorite Comic - Neptune, U10. Outstanding Community Achievement Award - Uniju, F1. Worst Character - Walkazo, F4. Worst PM Sidekick - MCD, F14.
Worst Location - Mr. Edo, F15. Worst Game - Glowsquid, A1. Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original) - Stooben , A4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - LTQ, A15. Hardest Boss - Banjo, A22. Favorite Koopaling - Walkazo, A23. Favorite DK Character - tfp + Stooben, A16. Favorite Item - Gamefreak75)
<Lakituthequick>inclined to go for full presenter names everywhere
<Tailmon>so like MrConcreteDonkey, Super Mario Bros., etc?
<Tailmon>Crocodile Dippy
<Lakituthequick>also TheFreshPrince vs. Super-Yoshi vs. ???
<Uniju>he's used thefreshprince primarily for a while i think
<Tailmon>yeah probably thefreshprince
<Lakituthequick>and Mr. Edo vs. Edofenrir vs. Gabumon vs. ???
another such one
<Uniju>i've seen mr. edo in the past couple awards too
<SHOUTMON>Favorite 2015 Awards Presentation (S1. Favorite Directing Staff - Crocodile Dippy, S7. Best Use of Images - Anton, S3. Favorite Core Staff - MrConcreteDonkey, S5. Favorite Veteran Writer - Super Mario Bros., S2. Favorite Team - Mr. Edo, U1. Favorite Retired User - Toadbert101 + thefreshprince , U3. Favorite Comic - Neptune, U10. Outstanding Community Achievement Award - Uniju, F1. Worst
Character - Walkazo, F4. Worst PM Sidekick - MrConcreteDonkey, F14. Worst Location - Mr. Edo, F15. Worst Game - Glowsquid, A1. Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original) - Stooben , A4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - Lakituthequick, A15. Hardest Boss - Banjonator1, A22. Favorite Koopaling - Walkazo, A23. Favorite DK Character - thefreshprince + Stooben, A16. Favorite Item - Gamefreak75)
hows this
<Lakituthequick>i see (mr.) edo(fenrir) usually and gabumon on UP and in chat
<SHOUTMON>he retconned his name
gabumon did
<Tailmon>i'd say leave it as mr. edo
that looks good 22
is everyone satisfied
<Lakituthequick>i am
<Tailmon>wow i can't remember when the last time i was able to attend a whole meeting was
meetings over then
Tailmon has changed the topic to ``"An Excellent Meeting" - Chef Excellence, 2015 || Awards are canceled, I have a hair appointment the day of the ceremony and I can't miss it, soz || 1st meeting hype || Links || Number of meetings survived: 411''